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Making money with webcomics. Seriously!

News & Views for Friday, May 11, 2007








Free Scott McCloud!

Interubes pundit Clay Shirky posted about Scott McCloud's decision to re-release The Right Number for free (formerly it had been available for purchase via the just recently discontinued Bitpass payments system).

Interstitial Comics at MoCCA

The Interstitial Arts Foundation in collaboration with the MUSEUM OF COMIC AND CARTOON ART's MoCCA Mondays presents a panel on COMICS AND THE INTERSTITIAL:

Monday, 30 April, 6:30 pm

Interstitiality and the Comic Book Industry

MoCCA * 594 Broadway, Suite 401

New York, NY 10012 * 212-254-3511

Will There Be A YouComic?

Joey Manley, webcomics entrepreneur, posts about "analyzing the market" which he defines as webcomics portals, aggregators and technology providers. (Which as Manley notes is a bit different than the questions an individual creator asks themselves when working on a comic) In the comments there's some talk of Web 2.0 as well which I'll tie into things later on.

Interview On Fleen: Jeff Knooren Of Super Unit 5000

David Hamilton, a graduate student and freelance journalist in Toronto Canada, interviewed Jeff Knooren of Super Unit 5000 about webcomics. The full interview is at Fleen.

The interview covers topics such as:

  • When did webcomics really take off? What were the most influential ones?
  • What type of person is the typical reader?
  • Can someone make enough money to write a webcomic full-time? Is the goal of many webcomic authors, as you see it, to break into the publishing industry with their own book?

Comics Success Story

I thought comixpedia might find it interesting to hear my comics success story. In fact, I didn't have time to blog at comixpedia lately, because the growth of the comic left little time for blogging.

Errant Story Donation Drive

Michael Poe, creator of Errant Story, and his girlfriend(wife?) are experiencing some financial trouble that they hope to deal with by doing a donation drive.

For those of you who missed the thread on the forum, Poe and I are facing some rather serious financial difficulties at the moment. This is largely because this month we have a lot of single-time expenses associated with running the comic, that the comic has not brought in sufficient income to cover. This is not something minor. In fact, what with various last-minute expenses and taxes and advance payments for conventions and the like (a breakdown of most of the payments needed can be found here), we have to pay out well over $10,000 this month!!

Read on for quotation madness.

TalkAboutComics Podcast: Todd Allen and the Economics of Webcomics

Joey Manley interviews Columbia College business professor Todd Allen, whose 2003 study "The Economics of Webcomics" will be released in a heavily-revised second edition in a few weeks.

Scootles Unscuttled

Just been reading the sorry tale of H C Noel's Mr Scootles and the little publisher that couldn't, and the commentary

Webcomics and VC's: Who Knew?

It will come as no surprise to regular readers of my blog that I've been contemplating steering WCN into the dangerous and exciting waters of venture funding. Sort of an open secret. Today, in the course of researching a very promising partnership, I stumbled tangentially (from a comment on a post on a blog on a comment on a post on a blog on a ... you get the idea) onto this, a true webcomic from the dotcom boom/bust era, all about the world of venture capital.

I thought the first wave of webcomics was all about videogames and UNIX engineers. I mean, I always knew that that was an oversimplication, but still -- a niche webcomic serving financial industry types? That's the kind of weirdly mainstream play you'd expect to see launching now, not way back when. The history of webcomics is studded with these little surprises, I guess.