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Webcomic-friendly conventions

Go A.P.E. This Weekend

It's the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco, CA this weekend. Be there... or be somewhere else!

Connecticon Rewards System for Webcomics

UPDATE: Email exchange with Connecticut Staffer at Journey Into History Blog provides further information regarding Connecticut guest policy.

I guess this is one way to take the subjectivity out of deciding who to invite as a guest of a convention. Connecticon has announced a "webcomic tiers" plan that provides greater perks for webcomic creators attending Connecticon depending on the number of daily unique IP addresses the webcomic receives:

1,000+ UIP/Day - free 3-Day membership to ConnectiCon 2005.

5,000+ UIP/Day - free Artist's Colony Space (includes a 3-Day membership).

10,000+ UIP/Day - free Artist's Colony Table (includes two 3-Day memberships)

25,000+ UIP/Day - free Artist's Colony Table, Green Room access and some help with travel expenses (gas, tolls) and depending on available space a place to sleep and shower.

50,000+ UIP/Day - free Dealer's Room Booth, four 3-Day memberships, Green Room access, all travel expenses and 4-Nights hotel accommodations (Thursday - Sunday).

Convention-vention, What's Your.... um, Fention?

Round-ups galore. Here's some photos of R Stevens' and Jeph Jacques' recent talk at Boston University; a U.K. Mini and Webcomic Thing report from Ping Teo (even more U.K. Thing-related photos); and some photos from last weekend's MomoCon.

Webcomic Panel at MomoCON

MomoCON(link) is a free anime and gaming convention in Atlanta, Georgia, this weekend, March 26-27, 2005. A major focus of the convention this year is webcomics, with many authors as guests.

U.K. Thing Convention This Weekend

If you're in London this March 19th, be sure to stop by the UK Webcomix Thing. Highlights include a panel on webcomics at 2:30 PM with Mr Madsen, John Allison and Roger Langridge. A full list of exhibitors is here.

Report from Emerald Con

Liriel of Bad Blood files a report from her trip to the Emerald City Convention in Seattle this month.

C.A.P.E. Convention Coming to Dallas in May

This week, Scott Kurtz announced his involvement in a new comics convention called CAPE: Comics and Pop Culture Expo. Taking place in Dallas, TX on May 7th, the event will already have as guests (among others) Kurtz, Lea Hernandez and Randy Milholland.

Webcomics at Katsucon, February 18 – 20. (Arlington, VA)

Katsucon, one of the earliest anime conventions on the East Coast, will be featuring an expanded webcomic track this year.

Penny Arcade Expo 2005 Website Now Online

According to a news post by Gabe, the Penny Arcade Expo 2005 website is now online. Due to the succes of the 2004 expo, larger quarters have been secured this year.

Preparations Underway For Dutch Webcomic Convention

The dutch webcomic convention Clickburg is to take place in Tilburg on May 1. Most of the site is in dutch, but the welcome page has some information in english.

ClickBurg is an event that will take place in Tilburg, The Netherlands, and is intended for people of all ages, for comics affectionado and comics layman, for everyone!

It will be a great opportunity for webcomic artists to get together and show the audience their stuff. Meet one of the youngest art forms in the world: webcomics.

In connection with the convention, the Clickburg Webcomics Award will be handed out. The Clickies is an award for the best dutch and flemish webcomics. An early list of nominations can be seen at the Comic Base blog.