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Top Ten Ways to Promote Your Webcomic

Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place to ask (apologies if it doesn't sit here) but I'm keen to get some promo ideas/feedback from some savvy online comic folks:

Online Comics Day 2007 Site Launched Today

Project Wonderful Updates

 Project WonderfulProject Wonderful

Project Wonderful Talk reports that the auction-oriented advertising service, Project Wonderful has added a couple of new features: campaigns and minimum bids. Campaigns provide a means to place a number of bids on various sites automatically by specifying parameters in the publisher search menu. Minumum bids allow an advertiser to set a mininum bid price for an ad.

Comics Success Story

I thought comixpedia might find it interesting to hear my comics success story. In fact, I didn't have time to blog at comixpedia lately, because the growth of the comic left little time for blogging.

More on Project Wonderful

I've got another blog entry on Project Wonderful on my main blog, discussing what I and others perceive to be a trend towards far lower bids than in the company's early stages. In this one, I'm taking some thoughts from Matt Skala who predicts PW will evolve towards a steady state as a free banner exchange.

Free webcomic advertising

When I first started posting comics on the web, I came across a site called It no longer exists (as far as I know) and shouldn't be confused with TheWebComicList which does but is completely different.

Anyway, one of the features of that site was a box in which webcomic creators could advertise their comics for free. I always thought this was a great way for a webcomic site to "give something back" to the community and so, when the site closed, I decided to include a similar box at my own Broken Voice Comics website to replace it - the Suggestion Box. I haven't done much to promote this feature until now, so I thought it was about time I mentioned it.

Want to advertise in the Suggestion Box?

If you have a webcomic you want to advertise, just send me the following:

- a jpeg image (max 135w x 145h at 72dpi)
- the name of your comic
- the full URL of your website.

That's pretty much all there is to it but, for full details, read the relevant thread in the BVC Forum. (Hey, it's free!)

Google Bombs make good advertising

Hello, children. Watch this. Go to Google and type in the search phrase World's most dangerous bug and then hit the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.

Has Google Adsense downsized your earnings?

I publish two webcomics that participate in the Google Adsense program. Both of them generated about $30 last year from about May until December, pathetic I know, and now when I go to the reports page that money is gone. I know there are adjustments that reduce your money earned over time, but come on! I feel ripped off and angry. Is anyone else experiencing this thing?

Genericon T-Shirts

enericon is right around the corner. They are having a con book cover and I sent in my design. They arn't announcing the winner until last minute, but I put my design on a T-Shirt. I will have some at the con, White and Red Rinder tees in X-L, if you want to order one, because you wont be there or you want a different size or color, here is this link.

Project Wonderful Hiccups

I'm sure Comixpedia noticed this morning that the Project Wonderful ads wern't loading. I just was wondering how widespread the server issue that Project Wonderful is having effects our world of comics.

Maybe someone who is better at Math then I am can now discover what the price of being popular really is? I'm not holding the torch to them. My daygig is server admin for a transportation company. I know that servers have issues.