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You've come a long baby!

10 Years and the End of Cigarro & Cerveja

I think I failed to mention both the 10 year anniversary and the "end" of Cigarro & Cerveja by Tony Esteves earlier in September.  The last strip (although Esteves says there may be more on a very sporadic basis) is a nice ending to what was definitely an underappreciated strip.  I finally got to meet Tony in person at last year's SPX - I'm looking forward to his new comic project.

Freaks N Squeeks ends Act II of "Sad Little Life"

In a move that surprised no one and caused others to cower in a closet, praying for the dawn, the Marvelous Patric announced that his year-long story "Sad Little Life" in his comic Freaks N Squeeks has ended its second act.



Evan Dham has finished his webcomic novel Rice Boy.


Rob Clough does short reviews of a whole bunch of webcomics over at Sequart.

Mr Myth talks up Chainmail Bikini and Darths and Droids.


Neil Gaiman points out some trademarks issues and links to recent comics-related issues.


Microsoft has Steve Niles, Dr. Revolt; Kime Buzzelli; and Gary Panter working on a graphic novel for the Zune called The Lost Ones.  Wow... I guess Microsoft tries a lot of things but turning the Zune into a comics reader is surpising to me. (h/t Journalista!)


Jason Boog collects links to advice on how to promote your writing which seems pretty applicable to comics.

Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man) also throws out some self-promotion ideas he's considering.

5 Years of Station V3

Another milestone -- 5 years of Tom Truszkowski’s Station V3.

10 Years of PvP

Scott Kurtz hits 10 years of PvP on the web.

What -- it only took 10 years for Brent and Jade to tie the knot?


5 Years of Butternutsquash

Five years of Butternutsquash - congrats to Ramon Perez and Rob Coughier!  To celebrate, check out the archives, laugh at the wacky adventures of this gang of twenty-somethings and marvel at Perez's fantastic artwork.

Hey-o! Half a millenicomic!

Byrobot hits 500 comics and launches a new short comic series in celebration.


Multiplex hits #200, sort of

Multiplex, a twice-weekly, digitally illustrated comic strip by Gordon McAlpin about the staff of the Multiplex 10 Cinemas, has reached its 200th installment...

Except that this total doesn't include any of the previously-seen bonus material from the upcoming Multiplex eBook collection, so... um, whatever.

Bardsworth Reaches 300 Strips

Bardsworth, written and drawn by Peter Tarkulich, has reached 300 strips.

Bardsworth is the story of Mike Cosley, a high school nothing who starts his life over at college - in another world. Here he learns magic, makes strange friends, and even finds romance. All the while he has no idea that he's the object of attention of both his wizard mentor and the wizard's rebellious son.  The comic is updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

The Crown Prince - 150th Strips

Just a quick note to announce the fact that along with its 150th weekly strip, The Crown Prince also features a revamped site, courtesy of none other than ComicPress which seems to be sweeping the globe these days.