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You've come a long baby!

Weekend Update

Time to make the donuts thank our sponsors!

And Now the News & Views:

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Things On My To Do List:

Brinkerhoff reaches 200 strips

200 strips and all's (un)well. Thanks to eveyone who's stopped by to read Brinkerhoff and continues to do so. I'm glad a comic about life after divorce starring a bitter, wise-crackingrabbit has found an audience.

Who woulda' thunk?

Here's to 200 more ...and beyond. Reaches Number 300 has just published comic no. 300 (in Mighty Marvel Fashion to commemorate the event). We want to thank all of our readers for their support and we look forward to creating the next 300 comics and beyond.

Kimbly's Still Silent

Silent Kimbly on Monday reached it's #250th comic strip. After two years Silent Kimbly has reached colour, produced a collection of strips in the Play time book and has a future upcoming. Ryan Sias stated "I’ve got big plans for this next year, hopefully some of it will come true!"

Here's to the next #250!

The 200 comic milestone

was reached by Byrobot Dot Net at such a velocity that we actually overshot it by a few days. Our celebratory 202ndthst comic is now up for your viewing pleasure! No updates have been missed, as yet (fate, consider yourself tempted).

Deathworld turns Eleven

September 21, 1995 saw the beginning of a unique little science fiction and supernatural themed comic strip called Deathworld. Eleven years have passed since then, and Deathworld just keeps going!

Having expanded into a full-fledged universe that has spawned eight self-published mini-comics and a card battle game, Deathworld shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

The Crown Prince is now one year old!

This message is somewhat belated since September 1, 2006 marked the first anniversary since the launch of The Crown Prince webcomic.

For the past 55 Mondays, a new strip has been posted without fail, for a current grand total of 79 strips in the archive! Impressed? I think today might be a perfect time to sample this webcomic or read strips you've missed. Tomorrow would be an equally perfect time.

200 Strips!

This past Friday, Sept. 8, I added my 200th strip to the archives of my comic strip, Debt On. There have been over 100 daily strips since I relaunched my strip with a new premise and art style on May 29 of this year.

Another Round of Bitter-Enders

At Bitter-Enders, the webcomic about pub life, there are two reasons to celebrate:

  • 150 strips have now been posted, and
  • The site redesign has just gone live. There are several improvments on the original, including a brand-new strip design.

Here's a sneak preview:

Nerdcore reaches year 2 and comic 100 almost simultaneously.


Tuesday, August 22th marks the SECOND ANNIVERSARY of Nerdcore: The Core Wars! Saturday, August 26th marks the 100th NERDCORE COMIC! To celebrate, Comic number 100 will be an ORIGINAL ANIMATED CARTOON with voices and everything!