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Stuff for making webcomics

New WordPress Webcomic Theme

Publish your webcomic with WordPress using the new ComicPress Theme.

Webcomic Content for Mobile Phones

Saw this on the WebcomicsList - webcomic content for mobile phones from a company called Funkimobile. The list includes Little Gamers, Girl vs. Pig, Diesel Sweeties, BoxJam's Doodle.

Webcomics search engine JUST FOR YOU is a new and free and awesome webcomics search engine. You can easily (and for free) build your own personalized search engine for just your own comic. It allows readers to find the comics they're looking for with super speed.

UPDATE: T Campbell confirms that the site is having server issues right now. debuts Aeon Flux Comic Reader breaks the barrier between form and function with new webcomic reader.

The Fall and Rise of buzzComix

One of the most popular webcomics top lists and forum board was buzzComix (AKA bCx), which was run by Mneonix08. In mid-May it went down, and only went up again this August first. Mneonix08 talks about the perils and pleasures of running such a list, what exactly happened, and what new features are out there.

DIY Method to Fixing a Wornout WACOM Tablet

I spotted this link over on the Boxcar Comics forums - ghostcat details how he replaced his wornout Wacom cover with replacement plastic. I don'treally know whether or not this is a good idea, but if it does work it's a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a new Wacom tablet. Needs Beta Testers

If you are the creator of an established "adult" or "erotic" webcomic, and would like to be a beta tester for the new hosting and automation service, which will be powered by the Web Comics Nation software engine, post to this TalkAboutComics thread. Be sure to include:

1. The URL of your existing adult or erotic webcomic

2. Some details about how you'd like to use a hosting and automation service (what's your business model, your update schedule, etc)

I will select somewhere between 10 and 20 beta testers. Selection will not be based on quality, popularity, or anything like that -- I'm looking for a wide variety of people who will use the service in a wide variety of ways (and will therefore ensure that every little bit of the service gets tested). So, for example, if cartoonist X and cartoonist Y plan to use the service in exactly the same ways, only one of them will be selected -- probably the first one to post.

Note that *only* people with adult or erotic webcomics will be accepted. That's a reversal, eh?

Beta testers will get free accounts for life.

Status of the Webcomic Hosting Market

I know "hosting" isn't really the right word for Comic Genesis or WebcomicsNation because they do a heck of a lot more than give you space on a server and bandwidth to the Internet. No really we're talking about "webcomic services" that turn self-publishing a regular (or multiple) webcomic with all of the bells and whistles you can dream up into a relatively simple task.

Lately folks have been writing about their WCN experiences: Bob Stevenson, Ping Teo, Phil Kahn and Brian Hogg just to list a few.

Having looked at a lot of options over the years you essentially have 3 types of approaches: (1) pay services; (2) free services; (3) do-it-yourself scripts. WCN falls into (1) obviously and while there have been many comparisons to Keenspot's Comic Genesis, CG falls into (2). Keenspot's (1) offering is KeenPrime does not have a pay service because despite the existing website for KeenPrime, Chris Crosby confirmed for me that they are no longer offering that service.

Clickwheel to trial premium service

Clickwheel is looking for authors to help trial a new service. We're developing a premium service and would like to hear from authors with an interest in selling their work through our unique and innovative software application, which uses RSS for easy delivery of new content. If you'd like to learn more, contact:

Currently Available Tarquin-Created Webcomics

The webcomics crafted from Daniel Goodbrey's Tarquin Engine are still mostly in what you might call the "gee whiz this is a cool tool" stage of artistic development as the numbers of creators experimenting with Tarquin grows. Still there are great examples of what one can do with it and Goodbrey has a list of several Tarquin-created webcomics here.