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Anders Loves Maria

Webcomic Wire - 5/19/08

Drawn from sources all over the known universe…

The Flowfield Unity book is now available.
Webcomic Secret Summer 2008 is now accepting participants. It’s just like Webcomic Secret Santa but for summer.
Rene Engstrom, creator of Anders Loves Maria, is back from hiatus.
Hudson Phillips runs a ‘women in comics’ roundtable.
Lines and Colors has a post about [...]

The Webcomic Beacon - Webcomic Brainstorm Session #2

Continuing from where we left of in Episode 8, we present Part 2 of our Webcomic Brainstorm Sessions! On our panel we have Eric of Exiern, Thom of Crossworlds, and Gothia of American Gothic. Also, Aarin of The Best of What’s Left joins us as a Guest Host since Tanya is out again. Brett and Diana are also out this week, but we still have Aarin Edwards giving his Impressions of Camera Obscura and The Best Band in the Universe.

TWCB #13 - Webcomic Brainstorm #2 [54:41m]

Sites mentioned this week: Anders Loves Maria, Rouges of Clwyd-Rhan, and 100-Strip Milestoners: Bristled and The Manual… who, ironically, have both gone on Hiatus.

The Webcomic Beacon - Episode #11

The Webcomic Beacon #10 - Commissions

Quick Plug: I Love Anders Loves Maria

I saw the link from Overcompensating and read the archives today. Anders Loves Maria is great fun with some real emotional depth to it.

UPDATE: Two thumbs up from the Fleensters: Anne and Gary.