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Penny Arcade

Most Subscribed Webcomics at Piperka

Piperka is a pretty cool webcomic list and bookmarking site -- I read 99% of my webcomics through it.  I'm not sure how many users Piperka has currently so take this list of the most subscribed comics there with a grain of salt:

  1. xkcd
  2. Questionable Content
  3. The Order of the Stick
  4. Penny Arcade
  5. The Perry Bible Fellowship
  6. Girl Genius
  7. Ctrl+Alt+Del
  8. VG Cats
  9. Sinfest
  10. Dresden Codak
  11. The Adventures of Dr McNinja
  12. Gunnerkrigg Court
  13. Something Positive
  14. PvP
  15. Megatokyo
  16. Looking For Group
  17. Erfworld
  18. Dinosaur Comics
  19. 8-Bit Theater
  20. minus.
  21. Sluggy Freelance
  22. Shortpacked!
  23. Inverloch
  24. Applegeeks
  25. Dominic Deegan

Booth 1330! Come See Me!

If you’re coming to Comic-Con and you want to find me, Come through door B1/B2, head straight back through the rows of comic-book collector booths into the 1300 aisle, and look for the color orange on your right.

Blank Label Comics booth as of Tuesday afternoon...

If you find yourself looking at orange and black pumpkins, you looked to the left. We’re behind you now. Turn around.

Webcomic Beacon #33 - Conventions and Self-Insertion

Fes and Tanya start talking about some conventions for a little bit, but not before talking about ADHD, Scooby Doo, and  riding bikes… Um… what else? Oh yea, then we eventually moved on to self-insertion.

An Interview with Tom Brazelton

Theater Hopper by Tom Brazelton is a webcomic sort of, but not entirely about Tom, his wife Cami and their friends. The creator, Tom Brazelton (as opposed to his four-color alter ego) is coming up on six years of the webcomic.  Neither fatherhood nor the Star Wars prequels have stopped the man from making fun at and with the movies.  Over the last couple of months I interviewed Tom about the webcomic, his third print collection and other necessary pop culture topics.

So... Comic-Con is Around the Corner

Comic-Con 2008 kicks off in San Diego soon -- July 24-27 -- and the web/indy/whatever--comic presence seems to grow bigger each year.  If you're going you're already set b/c this thing, as a practical matter, sold out long ago (I think you can still get a hotel room in the next state over...).

Some awesome panels this year include:

Foxtrot Tackles Webcomics

Tomorrow's Foxtrot is a nice nod to some of the most popular webcomics: Penny Arcade, PvP, xkcd and The Joy of Tech.  I read it on paper this morning but it probably won't be online until tomorrow.

Update - now it's online.


Interviews with Jon Rosenberg on his new book deal hot off the presses at FLEEN and ComicMixaLot.  Read the full press release below:

Webcartoonist-turned-Videogame-Creator wins contest sponsored by Webcartoonists-turned-Expo-Runners

It was announced today that Chronotron is one of the winners of the PAX 10, a showcase of indie games that will take place at the Penny Arcade Expo this year.

Webcomics Working Overtime

The 2008 Harvey Award nominations are out.  The nominees for BEST ON-LINE COMIC are:

The Daily Cartoonist has just about everything on the web you'd want to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Jim Davis' Garfield.

Drawn! links to a video of Mark Criley showing how to draw "manga-style" hands.

Kate Beaton distills the Anthony-Liz romance from For Better Or For Worse. (h/t FLEEPN)

The Bear Trap - a comic about the meltdown of Bear Stearns (h/t Journalista!)

Raw Materials - an ongoing science comic by Larry Gonick who is the award-winning author of “The Cartoon History of the Universe,” “The Cartoon History of the Modern World,” and Cartoon Guides to Physics, Statistics, and other scientific subjects.

Noted musicologist and sometimes webcomicker Johnny A reviews the leaked tracks of the someday-may-come GnR album "Chinese Democracy".

The AV Club reviews “Penny Arcade Adventures”

I love the AV Club game reviews, as they tend to tackle esoteric games that most places just gloss over (if they recognize them at all). For example, the site once reviewed free browser-based games “Urban Dead” and “ForumWarz.” Today, they sink their teeth into the game based on the webcomic about videogames: [...]