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Shi Long Pang

ComixTalk for Monday, March 1, 2010

It looks like a busy month for conventions and stuff in webcomicsland. The calendar is a google calendar so it's easily importable into calendar programs and embeddable in other websites.  I'm also happy to have others become co-maintainers of the Comix Events Calendar - tweet or gmail me at xerexes.  Along those lines I just added info on MoCCA -- the Daily Cross Hatch has the program for this year (and it looks very interesting!).

INTERVIEW: SFGate talks to Jason Shiga about his new multi-ending graphic novel, Meanwhile. (h/t Brigid Alverson)  Also a review of Meanwhile at Forbidden Planet. (h/t Journalista!)

REVIEW: El Santo reviews Ben Costa's Xeric Award winning Shi Long Pang, the Wandering Shaolin Monk.

And Delos rounded up the news of last week!

Comix Talk for Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So today is the Second Coming?  The rumored debut of Apple's oversized iPod has sent the newspaper business into a tizzy but it is potentially VERY interesting to the world of comics.  I doubt the first generation of it (if it exists!) will be affordable enough but eventually this could become a serious platform for comics.  IF IF IF IF....

In non-rapturous news of the day, congrats to Ben Costa for winning a Xeric Grant for Shi Long Pang. I look forward to buying that book! (h/t Paperless Comics)  And in a true spirit of public service, Gary reads Platinum Comics Licensing's press release to decipher the latest business plan: "an in-house version of CafePress."

INTERVIEW: Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots.

REVIEW: Delos reviews Insert Comic by Zack Holmes.

And how about some links to fill-out your morning read -- here's the list of webcomics the readers of the Washington Post nominated for its Comics Riffs poll on "Best Webcomic of the Decade": "Devil's Panties" ; "Devin Crane" ; "Eric Monster Millikin" ; "Girl Genius" ; "Girls With Slingshots" ; "Hark! A Vagrant" ; "Jesus and Mo" ; "Kevin and Kell" ; "Least I Could Do" ; "Navy Bean" ; "The New Adventures of Queen Victoria" ; "Order of the Stick" ; "Penny Arcade" ; "Perry Bible Fellowship" ; "Pibgorn" ; "PvP" ; "Questionable Content" ; "Red String" ; "Schlock Mercenary" ; "Sinfest" ; "UserFriendly.Org" ; and "xkcd."