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Anywhere But Here Celebrates 3 years, 700 strips, Still Sucks.

Anywhere But Here hits its three year anniversary on December 7th with over 700 strips published to the web.




  • I've got another Karas the Revelation DVD to give away...




  • Joey Manley writes that as an experiment for the month of November, you can now buy via Project Wonderful the top banner spot for all of the major user-generated content sites on the new ComicSpace Network (,, the, and It looks like Eric Milikin (Fetus X) had the spot this morning for about $45 per day (Project Wonderful works on a real time auction basis).


Catching Up With Bill Roundy

There's an incredible wealth of articles in the ComixTalk archives: features and columns on craft, theory and business, insightful reviews and interviews with some of the most interesting folks in webcomics. We'll be taking a regular look back at past issues and catching up with creators we've previously covered.

In our October 2003 issue on Halloween and other spooky subjects, contributor Bill Roundy wrote a popular feature story titled Satan and Webcomics. If you missed it go read it -- we'll wait until you get back. It's a particularly great time to catch up with Bill because his new job at the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) has had a lot to do with webcomics recently.

Welcome to the Webcomicdome!

Busy news week already - don't forget to check out all of the articles from March's Short Story Issue (and we added some articles to February's Webcomic Collectives Issue this month as well). Next month's issue will cover science fiction themes - if you are interested in writing for the magazine drop me an email (xerexes AT comixpedia DOT com).



Not at the Table!

Religion and comics... Yeah, I brought it up. We’re not at the dinner table so Mom can’t reach over and smack me one. Heck she can’t even reach me with a biscuit outside of holidays anymore seein’ as how I vacated the nest half a lifetime ago. So I press on. To be more specific: Christianity and comics... do we like the mix?

Biggie Panda: Old Skool Webcomics

One way to think of the history of webcomics is as the big bang of comics. At the beginning there were far fewer webcomic creators and they were (virtually) clustered together much more tightly (hence all the wistful talk of "webcomic community") and then, if the inflationary webcomicology theory is correct, those early webcomic exploded into the universe of comics online we have today.

WCCA Nominations Out

The full list of nominations for the upcoming WCCAs is out - get the list here or click read more (the WCCA site is slow today so I copied it into this post here).


Tuesday, January 2, 2007 News Update


  • Diesel Sweeties starts showing up in selected newspapers today - the full launch kicks in next week.




Comixpedia's People Of Webcomics List For 2006

It's the third annual Comixpedia People Of Webcomics List. This was the hardest one yet to compile. There's a lot of webcomics and a lot of people doing interesting things in and around webcomics. This list, as in past years, is an odd effort to compare apples and oranges: artistic achievement, audience popularity, technical achievement, business savvy, news-making impact all go into the mix.

Post-There Goes the New World Neighborhood-Tuesday News

Happy (Belated) Canadian Thanksgiving Day! And this weekend was 24 Hour Comics Day - catch up on the haps at the 24 Hour Comics Day website.

 Videogame? Videogame!PREMIERES

A new Blamination from Kurtz and Straub. Who knew these guys liked video games?

Yesterday, Grounded Angel (previously at Komikwerks) relaunched simultaneously at three webcomics sites: Graphic Smash, WebComicsNation, and DrunkDuck. Grounded Angel is the story of 16-year-old Gloria, who finds out during a really bad day that she’s an angel, the herald to the end of the world.

Dramacon (Vol. 2) by Svetlana Chmakova is available in stores today.


Digital Strips has an interview with Platinum Studios Chairman Scott Rosenberg and Drunk Duck's Dylan Squires.

The Santa Barbara Independent has an interview with Garry Trudeau, creator of Doonesbury.

Scott Kurtz interviews Adam West?


Astute political commentary from... Sinfest?

 Scott McCloud Makes ComicsAROUND THE WORLD IN 80 BLOGS

Bookslut reviews Scott McCloud’s Making Comics.

Drawn! interviews illustrator Bob Staake who has a new book out called This is Not a Pumpkin. Staake who embraced digital art tools early on also was an early presence on the web with his Planet Cartoonist site.

(From Lines and Colors) Line Rider is a Flash interactive that allows you to draw a line that represents the two dimensional topography of a hill. When your line is drawn, you click play and the Line Rider, a small character on a sled with a trailing scarf, will go sailing, bouncing and, if you’re not careful, tumbling down the hill according to forces of imaginary gravity.