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Webcomic Beacon #38 - Trans and Morph Webcomics w/ Special Guest Dan Shive

Dan Shive of El Goonish Shive joins Fes, Eric, and eventually Tanya as we discuss webcomics that have transgendering or morphologies.

Sluggy Freelance

Most Subscribed Webcomics at Piperka

Piperka is a pretty cool webcomic list and bookmarking site -- I read 99% of my webcomics through it.  I'm not sure how many users Piperka has currently so take this list of the most subscribed comics there with a grain of salt:

  1. xkcd
  2. Questionable Content
  3. The Order of the Stick
  4. Penny Arcade
  5. The Perry Bible Fellowship
  6. Girl Genius
  7. Ctrl+Alt+Del
  8. VG Cats
  9. Sinfest
  10. Dresden Codak
  11. The Adventures of Dr McNinja
  12. Gunnerkrigg Court
  13. Something Positive
  14. PvP
  15. Megatokyo
  16. Looking For Group
  17. Erfworld
  18. Dinosaur Comics
  19. 8-Bit Theater
  20. minus.
  21. Sluggy Freelance
  22. Shortpacked!
  23. Inverloch
  24. Applegeeks
  25. Dominic Deegan

Crazy Little Thing Called Webcomic

UPDATE: Rick Marshall interviews David Willis of Shortpacked!

Joey Comeau from A Softer World interviewed Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics -- sort of like webcomics own version of Interview magazine.

Rick Marshall has an interview with Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content.

JOURNALISTA points to an article by Ben Towles on artist supplies worth perusing.

Daniel Whiston has an interview with Alan Moore on writing that is awesomesauce.  (also h/t to Journalista!)

FLEEN points to a strange website called mezzacotta that apparently Irregular Webcomic creator David Morgan-Mar has something to do with. Funny, cryptic or what: the website states that the asking price for the URL and the "idea" is €1 million prior to launch and €5 million afterwards.

A few folks pointing to Capes and Babes a comic about comic book culture.  A topic ripe for tackling (I like SubCulture which also hits this subject) and if anyone else has some sugested comics in this area fire away.  (Thanks)

The Fragile Gravity crew did a week of strips at Sluggy Freelance recently.  Go check it out!

Anyone been reading My Life In A Cube?  Funny autobiographical (?) stuff from about first job (thereabouts) working in a cube farm.

ALSO - Melonpool creator STEVE TROOP has a new comic called CryptoZooey He plugged it here last week but I don't think a lot of folks saw it over the weekend.  Full press release for the new strip -- click "read more"

Straight Outta Warrenton: Clay and Hampton Yount

Clay and Hampton Yount are the co-creators of the weekly-updated comedy comic Rob and Elliot.  Clay is also the creator of the now on hiatus Cosmobear as well as the creator of "Bikini Frisbee Suicide Days", the former Saturday-only series at Sluggy Freelance.

Rob and Elliot is one of those "wacky roommates doing crazy random things" comics that is a lot stronger than its thin premise would initially suggest.  As a comedy comic it scores on the most crucial criteria -- it's funny.  And it does so through both the writing and the artwork. 

Read on for my interview with the brothers Yount.

Some Jibba Jabba With Webcomics' Own Mr. T

I've known T Campbell for a number of years now and we used to kid that he's the hardest working man in webcomics but there's definitely a kernal of truth to that.  This guy writes a lot of webcomics and than he goes out and writes about webcomics as well.  And although he's no longer local to my neck of Virginia and no longer writes for ComixTALK  I thought it would make a good interview to catch up with him as we barrel on into 2008. 

If you haven't run into T before, well, his webcomic projects include Fans, Penny and Aggie, Search Engine Funnies, Rip and Teri, and Cool Cat Studio.  He's got another one out just now called Sketchies (with co-writer Phil Kahn and art ist Ryan Estrada).  He wrote for ComixTALK before writing for other sites as well as turning his History of Online Comics series into a book.  He also spent a number of years editing the action webcomic anthology site Graphic Smash.

In Search of Vanished Webcomics

As the new year brushes away the crumbs left from devouring the old one, I find myself thinking of vanished webcomics: those that've come to the end of their storylines, those that've just stopped, and those that've disappeared altogether.

As the new year brushes away the crumbs left from devouring the old one, I find myself thinking of vanished webcomics: those that've come to the end of their storylines, those that've just stopped, and those that've disappeared altogether.

Looking Back Through 2007

In years past (2004, 2005) we undertook the monumental chore of picking out the biggest headlines of the year. This year, I took another swing at it. So without further adu, here's the biggest webcomic headlines of 2007.

If I missed a story you think was key to this year, please post it in the comments to this article.

2007 Weblog Award Nominees Announced

I don't know much about the Weblog awards for blogs, but this [edit:] is the second year they've included a "comic strip" category. The nominees are:

And here's a link to the full list of award nominees if you're interested.

UPDATE: I've gone ahead and fixed the list of nominees here to add the creators' names and webcomic URLs. I have no idea about "Attack" though - please post a comment here if you know which comic the nomination is for. As noted in the comments below it appears that the "final nominees" are selected subjectively by someone(s) at the Weblog Awards (from a list of nominations by the public). Last year's winner - Least I Could Do plus Day by Day and Sluggy Freelance are all repeat nominees (they were on the 2006 list of final nominees).  [I guess it's also somewhat interesting that both years two conservatively-slanted opinion comics have been included in the nomination list, but no progressively-slanted comics have been picked for inclusion.]

The New Episode Begins At PIRATE COVE!

Prolific webcomic PIRATE COVE has started a brand new episode!

Episode XXXIII is entitled "How I Broke Into Hollywood" and can be found updating FIVE DAYS A WEEK at Webcomics Nation!

PIRATE COVE is a serialized, animated sitcom with too many storylines to fit into a short blurb.  Often refered to as "the redheaded step-child of SLUGGY FREELANCE," PIRATE COVE has been updating daily since September of 2001.