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Sluggy Freelance

Thomas Dolby Notes Wapsi Square Lyric Use

Thomas Dolby described a recent Wapsi Square comic as "appropriat[ed] material" as it quotes from his She Blinded Me With Science song. It's hard to judge from Dolby's comments how seriously he meant his comment and there doesn't appear to be any follow up on his blog.

But it may be an area where independent comic creators need to learn a bit about copyright law to avoid problems. Wapsi Square creator Paul Taylor has had his characters quote song lyrics before (here and here) and I'm actually not sure offhand what the standard for this situation is so I'm not assuming Wapsi Square has done anything wrong.

But I do recall that on at least one time in the past it's been a problem. Pete Abrams decided to remove some song lyrics from a Sluggy Freelance storyline called "Fire and Rain" due to concerns over possible copyright issues.

Chris Crosby's A History of Webcomics

Thanks to the fine folks at Comixpedia for inviting me to be a guest blogger. I will attempt to resist the temptation to solely link to vintage TV fall promo videos I find wildly entertaining, like this (watch for the shot of Potsie saluting a magical comet) or this (WARNING: it will take a drill to get this commanding song out of you head). It's both a crime and a national tragedy that the networks don't produce fall promo videos like that anymore. But I digress...

Comicon Saturday - Webcomics 103

Ok, I know this is about half a week after the Comicon, but it's one of those "When I got back from the con I decided to sleep for three days in a row" sort of things. But enough about that. Let's talk about Webcomics 103: Making Money.

Let's make some money!The panel was once again run by the inimitable Bill Barnes (Unshelved) In attendance at this panel were (from left to right) Robert Khoo (Business Manager for Penny Arcade), Howard Tayler (Schlock Mercenary), Jennie Breeden (The Devil's Panties), Phillip Karlsson (formerly of Goats, now running Dumbrella Hosting), and as a special surprise guest who wasn't on-stage when this picture was taken, Scott Kurtz, of the Eisner Award-winning PvP.

ComiCon San Diego

Comicon is almost here. Gilead and Darlene will be guest blogging for Comixpedia. Lots of panel info after the jump.

Supercollider: A Webcomics Mashup

When an annoying pair of shapeshifting interdimensional gods get loose, they go on a chaotic scamper that takes them through the webcomics realities of:

  • Sluggy Freelance
  • Fragile Gravity
  • Partially Clips
  • The Devil's Panties
  • The Order of the Stick
  • Super Frat

Supercollider: A Webcomics Mashup is a 24-page B&W comic book with color cover by Chris Moreno that features 100% original and exclusive work by the creators of the comics above. The collaboration commemorates the gathering of these comics at one booth for San Diego Comic Con 2006 (Booth #1317).

For they are coming...

Comic trends often happen between different webcomics. Something in the news will spout often similar humour throughout. Often starting up a webcomic comes with stereotypical roles for each of the characters, just in a way like a sitcom always needs a funny one, a serious one, a gay character, a female character and the like. Webcomics have the range of having a larger choice of characters to choose from but more than usual one of them is either a robot, animal, creature or thing. Sure, not every single webcomic has them, but more often than not you'll see a furry friend somewhere around.

So, why this post? Well, of late I've been documenting the fact that there's one furry that seems to be invading webcomics and more recently getting their own spotlight as a main character on most.

What Was Your Gateway Comic?

I saw a similar thread over at The Comics Journal's board o fun and I thought it would make for an interesting conversation topic.

 What was the comic(s) (print or web) that REALLY got you hooked on the medium? I don't mean something you thumbed through as a kid, but made you go "Gaw damm! They got me for life! I may even start doing this stuff myself"

 It was X-Men #205 for me. Barry Windsor Smith did the art and the story was a self-contained tale of soon-to-be-over-played-mutant Wolverine fighting off a team of cyborg baddies in a construction yard.

Would webcomics fall to formulaic sameness?

Reading the article from this link:

And this quote:

We had A Bug's Life and Antz and now The Ant Bully. We had Finding Nemo and Shark Tale. We had Madagascar and The Wild. And we're due for a plague of rats. There's Ratatouille, Flushed Away, Rats Amore and One Rat Short.

When you take the genre conventions and add settings or subject matter that have already been done, you're in danger of boring the audience.

Xaviar Xerexes

Hi, I'm known on the internets as Xaviar Xerexes. I'm the publisher, editor and all-around web monkey for Comixpedia. I alternate between thinking this is a great use of time I could use to sleep and wanting to smash my server box with a large hammer.

Needless to say I like webcomics. Webcomics brought me back to comics in a way comic books and comic strips never had me in childhood. At Comixpedia, we try to foster intelligent, fun discussion about webcomics as a medium and individual webcomics.

The Sluggy Freelance Code: So Dark The Con of Bun Bun!

It's going to be a year of Starslip Crisis this May 23rd. Congrats to Kris Straub. He has another video podcast up as well.

It's movie month so here's a link to Yirmumah mocking the Superman Returns poster.

Lore catches that Toothpaste For Dinner is having a contest for readers to send in photos of themselves wearing a TFD t-shirt.

Fleen writes about it's impression that webcomic creators are all just getting out of their diapers but somehow I doubt that's anything more than a reaction to some recent creators' academic matriculations. It would be interesting to do a real survey on creators - maybe someone ought to get on that! :)

Tom Spurgeon reacts to Fox News dude Bill O'Reilly ranting about some comics in a school newspaper O'Reilly thought were offensive to the baby Jesus. I'll wait until the Colbert Report covers the issue to decide if I care...