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Sluggy Freelance

This Bruno Is A Barbarian

More horrible than Hagar, greedier than the King of Id, Ian McDonald's Bruno the Barbarian has been storming the gates of webcomicdom for more than seven years now.Blending high Robert E. Howard style fantasy with cartoonish comedy, Ian McDonald began his long-running webcomic Bruno the Bandit in 1998.

Wikipedia Wikistyles

One of the biggest thing we visually inherit from wikipedia was the writing style.

For a few editors, it is extremely boring. They are very few in number.

However for me, I don't care as long it informative. I want them to not contain bullish writing with little contents. Our article is not meant to entertain in any way, but merely inform people about the subject.

I like wikipedia's writing style even though the article is usually look like this:

"Megatokyo is a webcomic by Fred Gallagher."

To me, it inform me that this webcomic is written and drawn by Fred Gallagher.
However this won't be helpful to me if it was stated like this..

Megatokyo is about the adventure of Piro and Largo.

Ok, so it is an adventure by some dude about Piro and Largo. Is it a game? Who wrote it? A comic? They expect us to know the basic of the topic?

People might counter that everyone know Megatokyo is a webcomic and the infobox contain all the information that Megatokyo is a webcomic. But I felt it improtant to have all those information in the lead for those who are dense. An infobox is no replacement for real contents.

We are dealing with webcomic readers who know a lot of things but we are assuming they are noob when it come to those entry. Basically, they know nothing.
Who is our target audience?

The Future on Ice

Faith Erin Hicks fascinated many of us with her Demonology 101 but lately she's turned her talents to the bleak future of Ice.

Modern Tales Will be Free!

In 2006, webcomics portal Modern Tales will change its business model drastically, offering 80% of the site's featured webcomic series to readers for free. In addition, the site will publish three or four times more series than there are now.

The Year in Webcomic News

A whole year of webcomic news wrapped up in a pretty package with cookies and milk commentary provided by Comixpedia contributors: Alexander Danner, Ping Teo, Kristofer Straub, T Campbell and Phil Kahn.

Best Webcomics of 2005

The Best Webcomics of 2005 -- as selected by... everyone!

The Comixpedia End of 2005 Roundtable

A freewheeling discussion about the wide world of webcomics with Eric Burns, Wednesday White, Phil Kahn, Giland Pellaeon, Bob Stevenson, Ping Teo, Daku, Karl Kuras, Doctor Setebos and William G, moderated by Xaviar Xerexes.

You may have noticed that in 2005, the "webcomics blogosphere" took off like never before. There were almost as many people writing about webcomics as making them (okay not really, but there were a whole lot more blog posts about webcomics this year.) We gathered together several popular bloggers for an online roundtable discussion on webcomics here at the tail end of 2005.

We talked about webcomics and creators, art and commerce and of course, webcomics drama. Plus some predictions for the year ahead.

Comixpedia's List of 25 People Of Webcomics for 2005

A simple list of people of webcomics based on their contributions to the medium in 2005. And we have no doubt that we left off someone we shouldn't have. We're sorry. We'll try harder next year.

Open Letter from Pete Abrams

Nothing too dramatic, but a post from Abrams on the Sluggy Freelance site laments the complex storyline he's currently engaged in and indicates he will try to veer away from them after completing "Oceans Unmoving".

Sluggy Crossover Highlights PartiallyClips "Guest Art" Experiment

You may have noticed that clip-art comic strip PartiallyClips has been experimenting with guest art from other webcomics creators for more than two months now. The latest entry takes it further, with an actual crossover appearance by main characters from Sluggy Freelance. Pete Abrams supplied the art, drawn during the webcomics panel at UberCon, and Rob Balder wrote the dialogue for Pete's characters Torg and Riff.