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The March of the Collectives

A collective, loosely defined, is any sustained grouping of webcomic creators. What they do together varies greatly from group to group. Some are largely a peer group offering each other critical feedback and encouraging support. Others throw in cross-promotion for each others' work. Some build a collective brand with logos, advertising and a central website. Some share business experience and expertise in areas as varied as merchandise, books, conventions, hosting and website creation.

And what did I find from my research? There's a tremendous number of collectives out there (and that I never want to attempt another "survey" article again). And, oh yeah, checking out collectives can be a great way to find excellent new comics.

Thursday News And Blues Round Up (UPDATED)


I want to throw out a thanks to current (and very recent) sponsors of Comixpedia including the movie The Abandoned and the webcomics Zortic, I See You and O''deer. We have three slots available right now on the side bar - cheap! - click here to get more details and order.



  • A new version of Balloonist is out - the Balloonist software creates cartoon speech bubbles. Some of the new features in version 2.0 are: Curved Stems, Ruffle Harmonics, Better Line Break Control, Zoom Control, and well more (click for details). I've never used this software but I've seen it and the creators seemed to have spent much of the effort behind the new version in responding to current users requests.



  • I've been meaning to plug the wonderful (relatively) new comic Voids by Shayna Marchese. Today, she posted a Flickr series of photos on how she creates the comic - that's as good a hook as any!
  • The juggernaut that is Richard Stevens III rolls on. He recently discovered a quote of his showing up in Google's quote-a-nator thingee. (more details on the Diesel Sweeties site below the comic) Also is it just me or does the mohawked character in the recent web-DS storyline look a lot like Comixpress proprietor Logan DeAngelis?
  • Frank Frisina, the writer of the poker-themed webcomic Life's A Bluff emailed me that artist Brandon Carr has returned to working on the project.
  • Kris Straub's new/old parody (meta-parody?) gamer comic Insert Cartridge isn't bad. It's just not that cutting as parody really. On the other hand a couple of the jokes, despite Kris' insistence that he's trying to mimic the mediocrity of many comics in the genre, are pretty funny. (UPDATE: I didn't mean and I doubt Kris meant to say that the entire gamer comic genre is mediocre. More that there are many mediocre comics in that genre that are merely aping the tropes of it)


WCCA Ceremony Audio available on The Gigcast Feed

The WebCartoonist's Choice Award Ceremony at Megacon was recorded and is available on The Gigcast Rss Feed and for download at

The Presentors included the following:

Tuesday Mid-Morning NewsBlast (UPDATED)


  • First off thanks to our current sponsor, the webcomic Zortic by Mark Mekkes. There are three (slightly cheaper) ad spots below that are still available.
  • Don't forget! This Friday is the last day to post your questions for our upcoming community interview with the creators of the Blank Label Comics collective. Post your questions in comments to this thread.






Wikipedia and You

Pop quiz.

What two things do A Doemain of Our Own, Abby's Agency, Acredale/Apathy Kat, Acts of Gord, Akaelae, Altermeta, Angel Moxie, Ashfield Online, Astounding Space Thrills, Badly Drawn Kitties, Boat Anchor, Bobbins, Building 12, Carpe Diem, The Class Menagerie, Crap I Drew On My Lunch Break, The Cyantian Chronicles, Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures, Dead Days, Dragon Tails, Evil Inc., ExtraLife, Flipside, Fluble, Full Frontal Nerdity, Funny Farm, Gene Catlow, Goblin Hollow, Krakow, Krazy Larry, Living in Greytown, Lizard!, Marilith, Misfile, Movie Punks, Namir Deiter, Nerd Boy, No 4th Wall to Break, Pastel Defender Heliotrope, Poisoned Minds, Purple Pussy, Return to Sender, Shifters, Sore Thumbs, Spamusement, The Suburban Jungle, Superosity, Tales From Band Camp, Tales Of The Questor, Unicorn Jelly, The Way To Your Heart, Whimville, White Ninja, and Zortic, have in common?

Biggie Panda: Old Skool Webcomics

One way to think of the history of webcomics is as the big bang of comics. At the beginning there were far fewer webcomic creators and they were (virtually) clustered together much more tightly (hence all the wistful talk of "webcomic community") and then, if the inflationary webcomicology theory is correct, those early webcomic exploded into the universe of comics online we have today.

PC Weenies on this weeks Gigcast

I'm late blogging about it but what better way to avoide work on a friday then to listen to PC Weenies’ Krishna Interviewed!

Listen to it on

or download it from HERE

Gigcast #70, Webcartoonist's Choice Awards Details w/ Mark Mekkes!

The Gigcast Talks about the Webcartoonist's Choice Awards with Mark Mekkes of Zortic. We discuss the Nomination and Voting Procedures, and go over the timeline.

Along with the usual mix of community news and info and the music of Johnathan Coulton, Friction Bailey, and Mario Ajero.

Web Cartoonist Awards will be at Floridas Megacon

As I was booking my tickets and starting to organize some Gigcast things (by the way we will be getting a booth again this year) for February's Mega Con I noticed some great news.


September 20, 2006:
MegaCon is proud to announce that it will be hosting the 6th annual Web Cartoonist Awards. After six years of growing, world-wide popularity, the WCCAs will, for the first time ever, be presenting the 2007 winners at a live ceremony. If you would like more information please contact Mark Mekkes at or visit the website at

Zortic hits 1000!!!

 Creator of Zortic.Others have done it first, and others will continue to do it, but there’s still something magic about hitting those 4 digit numbers. Today Zortic presents its 1000th official comic! It’s been a long, hectic ride that’s been a ton of fun.

Technically there are a lot more than 1000 comics available. In addition to the 1000 continuing storyline strips there are “director’s cut” added comics, an entire hidden alternate storyline, and a stand-alone introductory storyline for KeenPrime subscribers (now also available in book form from Indy Planet).

So if you haven’t started reading yet, there’s a lot to catch up on. So help celebrate by stopping by and enjoying Zortic now!