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Zortic to Return to Webcomics

Mark Mekkes announces that his original webcomic creation will return on October 4th.

Over 8 years ago the comic Zortic appeared on the internet and set the standard for comic parody. Zortic provided a wider range and faster tempo of popular references than any other comic before or since. But after an 8 year run and over 1200 episodes, Zortic wrapped up its current storyline and ended. Although the archives remained available, there hasn’t been a new Zortic update for nearly 3 months.

“I think anyone who does this for 8 years begins to become introspective and analytical about what they’re doing and what’s working and what’s not” said creator Mark Mekkes, “There was a lot of stuff that I wish I had done different that just seemed too dramatic to casually sneak into the existing comic. The only way to really do it right was to just start over. Besides with all of the ‘reboots’ that Hollywood is doing lately (Battlestar Galactica, Casino Royale, Star Trek and others), it’s only natural that Zortic would reflect that just like it’s reflected every other entertainment cliché over the years.”

So, on Saturday 10/4/2008, Zortic will return as a webcomic. While the comic will be recognizable, the universe will be different. “Don’t count on knowing what’s happened before,” said Mekkes, “This is a new universe and it will be going back to the beginning to really show who these characters are and where they came from. And the parody is going to be replaced by a much richer universe and stronger situations that’s really going to enhance the character development. But don’t worry; while it’s a perfect entry point for new readers, there will still be plenty of ‘Easter Eggs’ and other hidden surprises for fans of the original archives to enjoy.”
In addition to the creative changes, the strip will have some visual differences as well. It will be featured in a vertical format with “letterbox” sized panels to give it more of a cinematic feel. “I’m hoping that by standarising the panels, it can add some exciting new presentation options down the road,” said Mekkes. Also, to enhance that Saturday matinee/morning cartoons feel, Zortic will update on a weekly schedule every Saturday morning.
“It’s not often that fans get to join an established webcomic icon from the very beginning,” said Mekkes, “But this is the perfect opportunity to get in from the start and enjoy it with everyone else as it develops.”
The Zortic re-launch is being sponsored by the online game Star Pirates at www.starpirates.netZortic can be found at Mark Mekkes also produces the comic ETI-PI at, writes the comic Abby’s Agency at, and co-hosts the podcast Podwarp 1999 at