Another Slashdot Thread on Bitpass and Micropayments

Missed this thread about Bitpass on Slashdot, but Scott McCloud noted it on his website. Here’s the lead-in post:

I have been following the story of BitPass for some time now. The micropayment solution provider has been featured on Slashdot before. That article focused on Scott McCloud, and his comic The Right Number. Since that story, BitPass has added a number of sites using their service. From this netizen, it looks like the idea is really taking off. Continue Reading

Like The Undead, It Keeps Coming Back:

When the Creature-Features site was originally conceived (under the name, it was meant to be a webcomics subscription site of a horror or sci-fi bent about, well, creatures – something like Modern Tales, except with a theme. The site was going to launch over the summer of 2003.

In the months of twists, turns, delays, and personnel changes that the site has been through since its conception, it’s no big shock the site has evolved into something almost – but not quite – completely different. The horror theme is the same, but the philosophies of updating, subscriptions, and content have all seen major revisions.
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A Little Butch Never Hurt Nobody: David Wright chats with Lee Adam Herold (pt.2)

Lee Adam Herold has been delighting and horrifying webcomic lovers with Chopping Block for the past three years, and what better time than Halloween to sit down and have a chat with him. Recently, David Wright of Todd and Penguin managed to get Herold to spill his guts about such diverse topics as his new book and plush doll, his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, his religious faith, and his love of goth babes.

Somewhere amidst all that they even discussed the comic.

Read part 1 of this interview here.

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Christopher Mills’ Supernatural Crime, reviewed by Justin

For some pulp comic creators, the story just comes naturally. For Christopher Mills, they come supernaturally.

When you think about is, a "Pulp Webcomic" is something of any oxymoron – after all, "pulp" in its basic sense refers to the printed page. However, the term has since evolved into a genre that encapsulates an era of storytelling, an era channeled even today. And, like any story told in the Information Age, pulp comics are no longer bound to bookspines. Supernatural Crime serves as a case-in-point. Continue Reading

Open Soapbox: Witches and Webcomics

There was a comic I used to read in the early 1970s called Werewolf by Night. Next to Batman it was one of my favorites. Werewolf by Night, first issued in 1972 by Marvel Comics, told the tragic story of Jack Russell, whom was plagued by a family curse and doomed to transform into a werewolf with each full moon. One of his later love interests was a beautiful blonde named Topaz. The twenty-something Topaz was psychic, could perform spells and could even tame the werewolf with her mind, but I don’t recall if she was supposed to be a witch in the comic. "Gifted" was the term I remember, however in 2001 the still twenty-something Topaz was teamed with two other "gifted" Marvel girls, (Jennifer Kale and Satana), in a book called Witches. They were more or less the good guys in that comic.

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