Comix Talk for Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gemma Correll

OMFGUIHAJB!!!! It is snowing again in Washington DC. IT IS SNOWING… AGAIN.  I have a review of Smile up today.  In addition, be sure to check out the bonus comic Raina Telgemeier did.  I saw this funny comic about one of the downsides of the Internet today (see above) – Gemma Correll has lots more great illustrations on her Flickr page.

Congratulations: 1Up names Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik to their five most influential people in videogames for the last decade.

Weird, but something I suspect many readers here might be interested in checking out — MyWebWill purports to be a service for managing your digital identity after death.  Think about it — you're going to create a ton of stuff online in your life, some of it at least as important as any physical stuff you'll leave behind.

JUSTIFY MY HYPE: Jamie Noguchi has a new webcomic called Yellow Peril.  Jamie was the original artist for Erfworld, is a heck of an artist and part of the Super Art Fight crew.  Jamie also runs Monster Cutie which is a great source of tips and craft for illustrators.

Last, not comics but this Oscar nominated short, Logorama, is all kinds of weird-cool.  Language is very NSFW btw.

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Plug: Plutocrat Country Club

I just rambled into Plutocrat Coutry Club today and I was really impressed. This comic by Ryan O’Connell kind of helped me with the aching void that the hiatus of A Lesson Is Learned But the Damage Is Irreversible has left in my webcomic soul. The art is generally of a similar soft, almost-watercolor like style and O’Connell also seems to be aiming at a darkly humorous, maybe even slightly shocking tone — but without employing formal gags. He has a small archive — all from this year. Also, absent one two-parter, he hasn’t been interested in storylines.

I like it and I hope he keeps working at it. He certainly has a vivid artistic style and I think with his sensibility he could create a pretty memorable comic series.

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International Man Of Mystery: August Jessor

August Jessor: August Jessor by Mikael Hed and Jaakko Sarno.I've just discovered the new comic August Jessor from Finish creators Mikael Hed and Jaakko Sarno. It's about August Jessor, recent police school graduate who comes to a quirky small town to be the new sheriff. August is sort of a combination of good intentions, strict morals and minimal competence. The first storyline is a bit too predictable, but the art is amazing and really pulls you into the sense of being in a place where perhaps things work a bit… differently than normal life.

I'd recommend checking it out (short archives so far too so easy to get caught up on).

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Random New Webcomic Plug

Entropia looks pretty promising. So far it's set the premise (two roommates – one the protagonist, one "wacky", a girlfriend (to the protagonist, and a plot – protagonist is going to pitch a script to a studio) which is vaguely sci-fi and been pretty consistent in art and writing. Both are not AMAZING (yet), but both are pretty good and I enjoyed it enough to submit it to and to come back to check out new updates. (Maybe this joke has been told before but I thought the Pandora's box jokes in this one were perfectly "stupid-funny")

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Herzog The Vile

Your reading assignment for Friday morning is a fairly new webcomic – Herzog The Vile.

I haven’t been this impressed with a new webcomic discovery in quite awhile.  Creators Stevan Zivadinovic and Daniel Morgan have crafted a simple storyline with a demon lawyer and surrounded it with absolutely stunning and inventive art and layout. (The art reminds one a little of A Lesson Is Learned but just a little) All presented on a website that is well-designed to extend the sense of the comic throughout the site.

Read the strip from the beginning then go check out the letters to Herzog

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