Most Read: Final Version

Back in 2003-2004, ComixTALK ran a series of articles under the banner of "Most Read" trying to work through how to measure the respective audience shares of various webcomics.  More recently, T Campbell borrowed the idea to generate a list of such webcomics for the former version of

I’ve pulled together one more Most Read list, this time relying fairly heavily on Project Wonderful data.  Mostly though I went to the trouble of compiling this to point out how someone else could do a better job of it in the future.

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cat garza Presents: MC Sancho Swift and the Ultimate

It’s the month of music in webcomics. And cat garza, who has already been doing some great webcomics with music embedded into them has crafted one for the pages of Comixpedia.  (So just to make it absolutely clear – music will be playing when you click through to the comic.) 

To check out more of cat garza’s work go to his website, Magic Inkwell.

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A Cat Chat with Jamar Nicholas

Our own Cat Garza leaps out from the mists after a prolonged absence, and shoots off a fresh new Cat Chat interview with none other than Jamar Nicholas, small print artist and animator who has garnered notice for himself for his The Jamar Chronincles, and who now has a weekly webcomic featred on Kevin Smith’s Movie Poop Shoot site. Cat chats him up here about "the process", the comics industry, and good ole’ dreams… Continue Reading

Garza! Demian5! Farley! McCloud! (Part 1)

This chat took place Saturday, March 29, 2003. Cayetano "Cat" Garza Jr chatted with Scott McCloud, Demian5, and Patrick Farley. In Scott McCloud's second book on the comic medium, Reinventing Comics, he wrote about the potential of digital media for comics. He named several artists already on the web in the book, creating a certain aura of notoriety around some artists who may have gone unnoticed before. Among them were Cayetano Garza, Demian5 and Patrick Farley. Comixpedia had the chance to eavesdrop on a chat between the four about the state of webcomics today.

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