(Tell Me Why) I Don’t Like Mondays.

Eh, just kidding. (I have nostalgicly good memories of the Boomtown Rats song though)

First up in today’s news round-up – cat garza’s Cuentos de la Frontera is back on ModernTales, updating on Mondays and Wednesdays. It will rerun the original series until sometime in mid-October (just in time for Dia de los Muertos) when new episodes will begin.

Bob Stevenson shares some moments from his Comicon experience this year. Scott McCloud also notes that he hung out with Tycho and the Dumbrella crew without bloodshed. Also Tom Spurgeon has a post with a bunch of drawings from this year’s con.

John A gives us his 100 top singles of alltime musicdom.

I didn’t realize that Girl Genius has a LiveJournal.

Last but not least your moment of zenIrregular Webcomic on webcomics. Continue Reading


Cat Garza puts out search for new CUENTOS cartoonist

Cayetano “cat” Garza is currently looking for a new cartoonist to take up the drawing chores on CUENTOS DE LA FRONTERA. The hope is to find someone to work with writer J. Whiddon on the CUENTOS adventure storyline that has been developed with he and Garza while Cat moves on to create a new CUENTOS spin-off series that will focus on adapting more border folk tales into comics art. Currently on hiatus, CUENTOS will relaunch once a suitable new artist has been found and a bit of a backlog of work has been created. Continue Reading



i NEED guest strips. i’m taking the next two weeks to get into some kinda permanent schedule and raise money to keep me afloat and to the San Diego Comicon.

please, anyone interested, i’d love to run your strip on WHIMVILLE. please make them vertical scroll and 425 pixels wide. email the URL of a preview to me at cat@magicinkwell.com. i’ll hit ya back with the day it’s gonna launch…

you can do any kind of stand alone WHIMVILLE, CUENTOS, or MAGIC INKWELL strip you’d like. sky’s the limit!!

guest strips start this friday and will run for two weeks (i need 10 guest strips) M-F. i’ll be back on track on monday, july 7th with a brand new WHIMVILLE which will then run M-F from then on.

can’t wait to see your stuff!! 😀 Continue Reading



cayetano “cat” garza brings his popular texmex border action/adventure/horror comic Cuentos de la Frontera back to Modern Tales today.

The second part of the Cuentos trilogy, entitled “El Pistolero”, finds Felix Jaramillo forced to move back to the Rio Grande Valley from Mexico, where he has spent the last two years studying the mystic arts of his ancient ancestors.

Plagued by dream-visions of his friends and family in grave danger, he must return to the place of his birth to confront the dark forces that had chased him away two years prior and would eventually bring about the death of his lover during his sojourn in the tiny Mexican village he had made his new home.

“El Pistolero” promises weekly doses of Texas/Mexico legend and folk myth as well as poking at the horror and action genres to provide what cat can only describe as “a mexican Dr. Strange”. Continue Reading