Cat Garza is looking for people to fill in for him starting this coming Monday (04/26/04) with guest strips whilst he takes two weeks to produce some print comics for an upcoming project. Interested parties should email him.

Your guest strip will run on whimville.com and you will get full credit and a link to your site!




  1. Wow! Full credit and a link! For doing a someone else’s work for them which he will receive money for! What a deal! Where do I sign up???

  2. a link from the creator of whimville carries much weight
    he most likely wouldn’t want cheap porn disguised as comix on his site
    as many other reputable online comix gurus would agree

  3. I actually did one of the three guest strips, and… I mean, yeah, technically what the first commentor said is true, but it’s not really about that. I enjoy Cat’s work very much, so it was really just a chance to play with his characters for a short strip, thus ensuring he’ll be able to update more frequently in the future.

    Besides, I don’t think these webcomics guys make great money off their sites… I wouldn’t even be asking for a slice-of-the-pie, it would be more equivelent to a slice-of-the-slice-of-the-pie.

    – Tyler Sticka

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