Comix Talk for Friday, April 30, 2010

ComixTALK Man by Stephen McCranie

Stephen McCranie created a bit of ComixTalk fan art, thanks Stephen!  Be sure to check out his comic Mal and Chad a really well drawn comic.

Congrats to the Penny Arcade duo for being included in Time's Top 100 list this year.  Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins are a true American dream story — doing what they love and creating success with it. reports that the Atlantic Centre For The Arts in Florida is offering a  residency as Associate Artist for a comic book creator in October, under master artists THB creator Paul Pope, Blankets author Craig Thompson or manga creator Svetlana Chmakova. Wow, for almost any aspiring comics creator this seems like taking a PhD course.

MILESTONES: Brat-halla reaches 400 comics.  Congratulations to Jeffery Stevenson & Seth Damoose (and colorist Anthony Lee)!

EVENTS: Noel Curry wants to make May 14th Dialogue Free Comics Day.  It's a good point – which is to remind everyone of the important visual aspect of comics.

FROM THE MAILBAG:  Al Schroeder writes: After two years and ten zillion cameos and interdimensional tomfoolery, the group webcomic CROSSOVERLORD, featuring superheroes from seven different webcomics, reaches the climax of its storyline.  After this, only four or five more strips to go!

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Comix Talk for Friday, January 22, 2010

Psst.  Super art fight this weekend..

I think I've mentioned it before but whatever compulsion I might have once had to share with you every scrap of webcomic-related stuff… well I ain't feeling it.  So it's great that others are taking care of it and this week you can't go wrong with this round up of webcomic reviews, interviews and stories from Brigid Alverson's Paperless Comics.

SOME THOUGHTS ABOUT THE NEW NEW ECONOMY:  Tom Spurgeon writes about Julie Larson's decision to move from a deal with Creator's Syndicate to self-syndication.  You really can't extrapolate much from a story that includes one newspaper comic (Larson's) and one webcomic (Apokalips) as the basis for discussion.  I feel bad for folks like Larson who are stuggling with the double whammy of tectonic shifts in technology and a bum economy.  But I also think it's annoying and self-defeating to write about how the Internet is killing everything.  The Internet is part of the environment now.  It's the least-cost, most effective publishing tool ever invented — when before in history has ANYONE been able to potentially reach EVERYONE on the planet at the minimal costs needed to put up a website?  That fact is AWESOME and no one in their right mind would trade it away for preservation of past pratices.

The other thing to keep in mind is that there used to be certain channels of content that we consumed because it was there in a format that required us to read/watch/listen to it on the format's terms.  That's going, going, gone.  Watch teevee when it's scheduled? Nope, TIVO.  Listen to radio live?  Nope, not if you don't want to – podcast, iTunes, etc.  Read the daily comics in the morning at breakfast?  Nope, even newspaper comics are ARCHIVED and available on the web.  I can see it in my kids' habits.  I used to come to the content in a lot of cases… for my kids all content is a library.  They watch/listen/read their favorites — it's RARE that they ever engage with content because it's there.  What does that mean?  I'd bet a lot of things, but one thing that seems obvious is that FAVORITES will win an even bigger share of whatever new business models sustain creators.  If in the past it made sense to appeal to the largest audience possible (which often meant a softening and blanding up of material) to get into the newspaper, I think creators have to understand that's probably a really BAD strategy now.

PODCAST: The long-running webcomics podcast, the Webcomic Beacon, has two more episodes up: Fan Fiction and Black & White versus Color.

JUSTIFY TOM'S HYPE: Tom Spurgeon also linked to Smoke Signals, a free all comics newspaper based in Brooklyn.  The first two editions are available for a free download at their website.

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Oh… It’s ON! Super Art Fight 6

This weekend, it's the 6th edition of the live art smackdown show: Super Art Fight 6 (read that in Kermit the Frog's excited announcer voice).  There's always been a webcomic presence at these events and no exception this time:

  • Main Event: Michael Bracco (Champion) vs. Jamie Baldwin (Challenger)
  • #1 Contenders Match: Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz vs. Garth Graham
  • Generational Warfare – Rookie vs. Veteran: Kelsey Wailes vs. Jami “Angry Zen Master” Noguchi
  • 4-Way Battle Royale: Chris “Impact” Impink vs. Joe Dunn vs. Bryan Prindiville vs. Chelsea Grose

And if you've been checking out the Comic Events calendar at ComixTALK you'd already know about this 🙂

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Halloween Webcomics

Post your links to Halloween-inspired webcomics to this thread – yours or others!

There’s no new activity in Fright Night land this year, but feel free to survey the scary stories of years gone by. For new ghostly webcomics check out Halloween Stories at Jon Morris’ Oucopo blog. Jon is the creator of the web/comic Jeremy and has organized previous ghouly comic projects.

Oh and check out this cool carving into a pumpkin of Schlock from Schlock Mercenary. That is pretty cool!

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Daily Grind Update

It’s been over a year now, and there are still a lot of contenders in the Daily Grind contest. The remaining 24 contestants in this endurance contest are:

  1. Lonnie Allen (website)
  2. Joseph Bergin III (website)
  3. Jennie Breeden (website)
  4. Stephen Burrell (website)
  5. D.J. Coffman (website)
  6. Paul Gadzikowski (website)
  7. Jamie Dee Galey (website)
  8. Ali Graham (website)
  9. Edward J Grug III (website)
  10. Brad Guigar (website)
  11. Tim Hulsizer (website)
  12. Matt Johnson (website)
  13. Brandon Lewis (website)
  14. Tyler Longmire (website),
  15. Tom McHenry (website)
  16. Michael Payne website)
  17. Eric Poole (website)
  18. Phil Redmon (website)
  19. Andrew Rothery (website)
  20. R. Smith (website)
  21. Ive Sorocuk (website)
  22. Mike Stevens (website)
  23. Bryan Stone (website)
  24. Jam Torkberg (website)

From a quick glance at the list I’ve bolded those I’m immediately familar with.  That’s 17 creators that I am not sure I’ve read before.  I don’t know if that’s because they’re not that popular, or that good or rather just as likely – more evidence that there are more interesting webcomics out there than anyone can ever possibly write about.
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This Is An Action News Team Report with Your Host Action Xerexes!!

Today is Webcomics Awareness Day (and uh, National Cartoonists Day too…) 

Happy Birthday to Shaenon Garrrity!  (And in Garrity-related news, the Flight blog notes that Neil Babra has taken over the drawing reins of the latest story arc, “Adjustment,” in Shaenon’s Li’l Mell and Sergio.)

Fleen has a good roundup of links to R. Steven’s post and subsequent discussion on making a webcomic.  Sort of a motivational/webcomic coaching kind of post.

Comics Worth Reading notes that Big Head Press has launched three new webcomics.  Here’s some details on the creators and their projects.

CNN has a story about problems with the newspaper comics page.

And in notwebcomics news, Lore finds a mashup movie of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings called Star Lords.  Go Go Geekotron!

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Sunday News

May Day Webcomics Awareness Day (aka Online Comics Day) is tomorrow May 1st.  Workers of the world activate!  And Webcomics Awareness Day (aka Online Comics Day) is May 5th (thanks for the correction Mr. TCheck this site for more details on Webcomics Awareness Day.

The Webcomics in Print blog is having a competition tomorrow (Monday) to win a copy of Beaver & Steve’s first book A Shoeful of Trouble.

If you make a webcomic about ninjas you probably ought to read about the last authentic "fighting ninja" in the world. 

Google has released a Windows version of Sketch-up for free (Mac coming soon).  You can print out models separately or place them in Google Earth.  It seems like this could be an excellent drawing aid.

In notwebcomics news, hurry before it’s gone: a parody of V is for Vendetta called "C is for Cookie"

And I don’t get quite so excited about PHP, but I thought this post by Ferrett about it was funny.

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Looney Lunes Cómica de Tela News

A little whining first – after seemingly getting my server issues resolved my home router dies last Friday.  I’ve tried a couple but both have had issues with the equipment I need to connect to it.  Anyone have a good experience with a recent brand/model of wireless/wired router?

Today’s the 4th British Webcomic Piss-up which is probably best described as Webcomics Awareness Day for UK webcomics.  Be sure to check out the participating comics.

Culture Pulp has an interview with Jeff Smith, creator of Bone, in comic format. 

The Kea’s Nest notes that Neil Gaiman might be joining Warren Ellis in the webcomics’ admiration (er, or at least begrudging acceptance) club

Comixpedia member Compugasm writes a blog post about liking the webcomic I Am A Rocket Builder

Looks like the first Beaver and Steve book is finally out. 

Make Comics Forever recommends a book called The Secrets of Professional Cartooning by Ken Muse.

Patrick McDonnell (creator of Mutts) has a children’s book out. is doing a podcast now (you have to sign up for their mailing list to get it though) 

Joystiq is still doing it’s weekly webcomic roundup which focuses on gaming webcomics. 

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Monday News Alert!

The Writer Response Theory blog has a link to a couple of interesting methods of presenting a book online.  Neither is a comic but there’s no reason someone couldn’t apply these approaches to a webcomic.

I still don’t know enough about this but if you’re interested the next Worldwide Sketchcrawl day is this Saturday

Piro (Megatokyo) mentions today that "my deadline to finish everything for book 4 is thursday, so i’m going to have to miss a few comics in order to even have a hope of hitting it. I’m knee deep in the ‘rewound’ version of ‘circuity’, and here is a preview of what some of it is looking like."  And here is that preview.

Fleen points out a new webcomics blog called The Kea’s Nest.  Since it’s just started all I can say is check out the first couple of posts.

This post from the Technorati guy Dave Sifry is an snapshot of the blogosphere based on data from that site.  Basically it’s the kind of data I wish I could track for webcomics but for lots of reasons it’s not as easy to do that for webcomics as it is for blogs.

Also, thanks to the folks who did email me about the server mess yesterday.  As far as I can tell right now it went down for no reason and came back up for no reason.  Someone suggested a DOS attack as a possibility.  If I can grab a few minutes as lunch I’ll email more details to the kind folks who contacted me and see if they have any better ideas on what happened.

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Please Submit Conventions, Online Events and Local Meetups To Our Calendar!

I’ve got a new calendar system working here at  Please submit conventions, online events and local meetups to it.  It’s very straightforward – when logged in, click on create content (upper right-hand side, under your username) and then choose EVENT. 

Fill in all of the relevent detail in the box (especially the website URL if available) and then add in the start and end date/times for the event.

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