Monday News Alert!

The Writer Response Theory blog has a link to a couple of interesting methods of presenting a book online.  Neither is a comic but there’s no reason someone couldn’t apply these approaches to a webcomic.

I still don’t know enough about this but if you’re interested the next Worldwide Sketchcrawl day is this Saturday

Piro (Megatokyo) mentions today that "my deadline to finish everything for book 4 is thursday, so i’m going to have to miss a few comics in order to even have a hope of hitting it. I’m knee deep in the ‘rewound’ version of ‘circuity’, and here is a preview of what some of it is looking like."  And here is that preview.

Fleen points out a new webcomics blog called The Kea’s Nest.  Since it’s just started all I can say is check out the first couple of posts.

This post from the Technorati guy Dave Sifry is an snapshot of the blogosphere based on data from that site.  Basically it’s the kind of data I wish I could track for webcomics but for lots of reasons it’s not as easy to do that for webcomics as it is for blogs.

Also, thanks to the folks who did email me about the server mess yesterday.  As far as I can tell right now it went down for no reason and came back up for no reason.  Someone suggested a DOS attack as a possibility.  If I can grab a few minutes as lunch I’ll email more details to the kind folks who contacted me and see if they have any better ideas on what happened.

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