This Is An Action News Team Report with Your Host Action Xerexes!!

Today is Webcomics Awareness Day (and uh, National Cartoonists Day too…) 

Happy Birthday to Shaenon Garrrity!  (And in Garrity-related news, the Flight blog notes that Neil Babra has taken over the drawing reins of the latest story arc, “Adjustment,” in Shaenon’s Li’l Mell and Sergio.)

Fleen has a good roundup of links to R. Steven’s post and subsequent discussion on making a webcomic.  Sort of a motivational/webcomic coaching kind of post.

Comics Worth Reading notes that Big Head Press has launched three new webcomics.  Here’s some details on the creators and their projects.

CNN has a story about problems with the newspaper comics page.

And in notwebcomics news, Lore finds a mashup movie of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings called Star Lords.  Go Go Geekotron!

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