Garza! Demian5! Farley! McCloud! (Part 1)

This chat took place Saturday, March 29, 2003. Cayetano "Cat" Garza Jr chatted with Scott McCloud, Demian5, and Patrick Farley. In Scott McCloud's second book on the comic medium, Reinventing Comics, he wrote about the potential of digital media for comics. He named several artists already on the web in the book, creating a certain aura of notoriety around some artists who may have gone unnoticed before. Among them were Cayetano Garza, Demian5 and Patrick Farley. Comixpedia had the chance to eavesdrop on a chat between the four about the state of webcomics today.

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2003 San Diego Comicon Webcartoonist Beard Challenge

A webcomics event to be concluded at San Diego Comicon! Come one, come all! Grow a beard by San Diego Comicon. I’ll put together a webpage that will collect the “mail in” entries and we’ll take a group picture at San Diego Comicon. The winner will be decided by beard length and will get a special spotlight at the Beard Challenge home site (TBA). Female webcomics artists are invited to participate by wearing a found fake beard (or making one!). “mail in” entries to this little “contest” can be emailed to See you (and your beard) at San Diego! Continue Reading