Whimville Returns, Plus More Cat Garza Stuff

it’s baaaaaaaaaack! and updating weekdays (m-f) until April 17th.

i’m also running a new sketchbook series that updates DAILY…

i’m posting all the original whimville storyline strips for free so that anyone that didn’t get to read them or didn’t subscribe can finally see them.

after that, a new series called yakity shmakity will be posting weekdays until sometime in august. this strip will rerun all the non-whimville strips that ran on the original site when i abandoned the storyline after the war in iraq started.

all this is because i have a supersecretcomicsproject i’m working on which i can’t give you any details about, but is something really huge for me. this also means that those were the salad days is on hiatus until mid-late august (at the earliest). those were the salad days will run three days a week once it starts up again.

whimville will be on hiatus again once the story peters out in april and will return sometime early 2007 picking up where it left off.

i’m also running a new sketchbook series that updates DAILY from now on (or until i run out of sketchbook stuff… which probably won’t ever happen given the boxes and boxes of drawings and sketches i’ve amassed over the last 20-25 years).

hopefully i’ll be able to report some happy news about supersecretcomicsproject before the year’s out, but there’s a lot of factors involved and we’ll have to wait and see.