So… how was that weekend for ya? I spent too much time reading about APACHE and DNS and how to use the BASH shell myself. (go ahead and say it to me: NERD!)

Webcomicy goodness? How about some cool weekend guest strips at PvP especially this one by Tyler Martin.

Tom Spurgeon continues his comprehensive coverage of the Danish cartoon controversy. He also has a round-up of New York Comicon reports.

We also missed the launch of new series Border Hopper, written by Becky Farris and illustrated by Alan Maranon. It’s a story about dogs, cats, fish, cows and horses in space. IN SPACE!!!

Finally, the Nerduary really really doesn’t like the advance photos of the X3 movie. Who knows I guess although I enjoyed the first two, it often seems like the third movie in a superhero series turns out to be the one that is deeply flawed (that Val Kilmer-y Batman and the Richard Pryor-filled Superman III come to mind).


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