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Archive - 2009

October 18th

Solving The Kung Fu Puzzle

Now that I have two book-devouring kids, I find myself much more engaged with books and comics for the 10 and under age bracket (I guess you'd call that pre-tween?).  My kids read comics along with text books without much distinction at this point which is probably due to the pretty decent selection of comics in the children's section of our local library.  (The Sardine in Outer Space series was a recent favorite.)

So I was pretty interested in getting an opportunity to review the latest installment in the Manga Math Mysteries series.   Number four is titled The Kung Fu Puzzle: A Mystery with Time and Temperature.  I think any book, comic or otherwise, should be engaging on its own merits.  Educational value shouldn't be an excuse for a boring book.  Kung Fu Puzzle passed that test with flying colors with both of my kids (I thought it was pretty good too).  In fact I think my youngest daughter's biggest complaint is actually nice praise for the  book -- she was quite annoyed at its somewhat open-ended finish.  I think she was hoping that the story went on longer.

October 16th

Kickstart Your Friday

Gordon McAlpin wrote to let me know that he'll be on a Kickstarter-themed edition of  Fanboy Radio this Sunday.  They'll be talking with Gordon about his Kickstater pre-funding effort for a print collection of his webcomic Multiplex.  (also on the show will be Yancy Strickler (co-founder of Kickstarter) and Jamie Tanner (a print cartoonist who is funding his second graphic novel through KS))

And in other Kickstarter efforts,Spike has just launched one for a new book called Poorcraft to be written by Spike and drawn by Diana Nock.

October 15th

News Manga

This is a really interesting application of webcomics - News Manga is a news site that delivers story in comics (manga).  That, unfortunately for me, means I can't use Google Translate to read the site but I still think the idea is pretty cool. 

Perhaps Amanda Should Think About Wearing More Office-Appropriate Clothing

Alternative Press Expo (APE) is this weekend in the San Francisco Bay Area!
The Daily Cross Hatch is having an "Indie Costume Contest."  Cool idea! Also make sure Daily Cross Hatch is on your reading list -- it's my new favorite blog for 2009.
Jeff Eaton has a short post up about his firm's work behind the scenes on Zuda's website.  Drupal is a CMS (ComixTALK has used it since 2006) that I love but as of yet it doesn't have the plug n' play type installs available to support webcomics like Wordpress does. reports that Marvel is on the 3.0 version of its online reader - this is for its subscription service to part of its comic book library.
Mike Dawson has put his comedy comic book series Gabagool online.  Looks a little Pete Bagge-influenced from the artwork -- looking forward to checking it out.
CBR has an interview with Tom Siddell on the release of the second print collection of his webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court.

October 14th

Glengarry Glen Ross Parody for Harvey Awards Ceremony

This "blamination" from Scott Kurtz and Kris Straub is hilarious - a great parody of that brillant Mamet speech (Alec Baldwin did it in the movie version):

Harvey Awards Animation

October 13th

Quick! Think of a Witty Title Referencing Webcomics!

The Trades has an interview with Lora Innes on the release of her comic The Dreamer in book format.

AdHouse Books cancels the book collection of the webcomic FCHS due to low pre-orders.

The fourth Diary of a Wimpy Kid book was released yesterday - the initial press run? 4 million copies.

Jon Scrivens announced the return of his webcomic Little Terrors from its extended hiatus.

Daily Cartoonist reports that the Amazon Comic Strip Superstar contest is into its third round and posts a list of the 50 remaining finalists.

October 12th

2009 Harvey Award Winners Announced

For the Best On-Line Comics Work category, Scott O. Brown won for High MoonA full list of the winners is available at the Daily Cartoonist here.

October 8th

Micropayments 3.0? iCents

Scott McCloud links to today -- a micropayments-like set-up that is centered around creating "paid links".  I poked around the site this morning and to be honest I'm not entirely sure what it does that isn't already out there in various apps and software bits.  It (thankfully) doesn't set up another payment system (it's relying largely on paypal and other similar stuff) -- it looks more like a bit of code that developers can use to incorporate it into their sites. 

If anyone tries this out on a website they run, let us know about your experience.

October 6th

Bone: Rose by Jeff Smith and Charles Vess

 Rose by Jeff Smith and Charles Vess

Is there any fantasy series in recent memory as beloved and praised as Bone?  Jeff Smith began writing about the Bone cousins in 1991, but it was probably the publication of the books in color versions by Scholastic that truly launched Bone into the pop culture.  It's a great sprawling story with a powerful conclusion.  Bone: Rose is a prequel that fleshes out the story of Gran'ma Ben as a youth (i.e., Rose), a story that weighs heavily on the Bone saga proper.

2009 Friends of Lulu Award Nominees Announced

A whole bunch of talented comics creators nominated for this year's Friends of Lulu awards

Look at these lists!  Just looking at those with whom I'm familiar with the work: New Talent includes Kate Beaton, Hark, A Vagrant; Kathryn Immonen, Hellcat; and Tracy White, Traced; and Lulu of The Year includes Shaenon K. Garrity, Skin Horse; Lynda Barry, What It Is; Danielle Corsetto, Girls With Slingshots; and Jessica Abel, Life Sucks

Also a special woohoo for Eleanor Davis' nomination for Stinky in the Kids comics category.  Davis is currently the favorite author of the X girls right now for Stinky and The Secret Science Alliance.