Attention: Atlanta-area webcomic fans!

Greystone Inn is one of the comic strips being voted on by the readers of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution for possible inclusion in the AJC’s comics pages.

You can download a ballot HERE.

Only mail-in ballots are being accepted. No ballots will be accepted postmarked after Oct. 8.

Remember, Atlanta-area fans only, please.

Greystone Inn has been a Keenspot comic since 2001 and runs in newspapers such as the Philadelphia Daily News, The Centre Daily Times’ "Blue" edition, and the Stanford Daily.
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KeenCribs: Jeff Darlington of GPF

In this latest edition of KeenCribs, take a look behind the scenes of General Protection Fault.

Gasp at the First Fred plush doll protoype! Oogle the 57-inch reason that GPF takes longer than it should! Starein wonderment at Zeus the ThinkPad of Mirth and Mayhem! Listen in shock as the creator admits he needs help.

KeenCribs is one of the daily Extras — like Mondays with Mel and Wednesday Webtoon Trivia — available at Greystone Inn, a daily comic strip about a comic strip starring a gargoyle…but not. Continue Reading


KeenSpot Interactive: Mondays With Mel

Check out Keenspot’s first interactive comic strip, Mondays with Mel! Every week, Mel throws out a line and readers submit the punchline. On Monday, one lucky winner wins cheap Greystone Inn swag.

Mel is part of the Extra content updating every weekday at Greystone Inn. The others are Comics in the Classroom; Wednesday Webtoon Trivia; and KeenCribs.

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Keenspot Cribs

Every weekday, Greystone Inn offers readers something extra. Today is the premiere of a new Greystone Extra feature: KeenCribs!

KeenCribs offers a look inside the studio of a different Keen creator every Friday. Today, the Crib of Schlock Mercenary’s! Howard Tayler is on display.

Marvel at Howard’s drawing table! Gasp as he introduces the 50-year-old rabbit-skin toy koala. Shudder at the crack in his Harvard Law School armchair! Continue Reading