On Tuesday we tackled (and I mean tackled, solid talkback everybody) how we, as webcartoonists can perceive others. Today, I have some thoughts on how others perceive us, to my eyes.

I’ve been on the road (it is rough and stuff) quite a bit lately, hitting San Diego and Chicago both, as many did, in a three week period. One of the perks of spending two whole weekends ensconced in geekery is I was able to see how the rest of the industry feels about our internet-y-world. (The other perk being Kristen Bell. Hey, Veronica Mars. Call me.)

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CLICK-CLICK-BOOM: What’s Clickwheel?

I think I’m going to stagger my Tim talks about the stuff he’s doing posts and my talkback fueling dissertations. Tomorrow more expostulating on stuff and hang out till Friday for Graphic Smash talk.

Last week it went from murky rumor to stone cold fact, that I have joined Clickwheel as associate editor. Tim Pilcher, a man of far greater experience, is our new editor in chief.

The world is changing. Who now has the strength to stand against the armies of Clickwheel? To stand against the might of iPods… and the union of the Two Tims?

Obligatory LoTR references aside, I get the feeling a lot of you guys aren’t really that aware of what Clickwheel is. Well no fear, boys and girls I am jam-packed with the knowledge you crave!

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Comics War- Whose Side Are You On?

So in the comments section of my last post, an interesting point was raised. Some web cartoonists can take an “us vs. them” mentality towards mainstream comics, proclaiming we are the future and that the comics industry as it stands right now is due for a major change. I find myself in this very camp, which is why the point came up. That got me thinking.

I’m not asking if the above is true or not, we can all argue that until our typing fingers are sore and bleeding and nothing will change today, what I’m asking is if this question is getting us anywhere?

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Who the HECK is Tim Demeter?

Hi. Tim Demeter here. So, I’ve kinda had a busy couple of weeks, what with getting editorial postions at Graphic Smash and Clickwheel. Up until now, I’ve kinda been a down in the trenches type of webcomicer, and I’m sure a lot of people don’t know who I am. After the last few weeks, I’m having a hard time being sure of who I am. (In the best possible way.)

I thought after all of these happenings I’d make my first post for my guest week a little get to know each other.

So… come here often? Yeah, nice place, isn’t it?
Can I buy you a drink? Cheers.

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All 3 Major Reckless Life Story Arcs Now Available in Print

Print versions of Reckless Life, that crazy Graphic Smash webcomic about that thief that likes taco bell and loose women, are now available for online order here.

All three major story arcs, Mad at the World, Dinner and a Robbery and Locke and the Las Vegas Ninjas, are up and available looking for loving homes. Each book is 48+ pages and only five bucks. Locke and the Las Vegas Ninjas will also be available for preorder at your friendly neighborhood comic shop in mere days. Continue Reading