Relationships in Webcomics: Infinite Canvas or Crowded Space?

One of the things I learned, pretty early on, is that I don’t want people in my space. Maybe a single person, and then only on the grounds that there are certain relationships one can’t easily conduct when one doesn’t let anyone into the house. You can come over for coffee, or for anime, or for whatever it is we’ve decided to do. Then, you will have to get out, because it is my bloody space.
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RSS, Webcomics, and You: Syndication Methods Online (Part 2)

Last month, we spoke of arcane wonders. We learned what XML-based web content syndication is, how it works, and a few ways in which webcomic creators might make use of it. In this installment, we’re going to expand on the possibilities raised briefly in the last article, and hopefully correct some misperceptions about how syndicated feeds are used by readers.Last month, we spoke of arcane wonders. Continue Reading

Is It Good To Be the King? Top Voting Lists Examined

The drill is pretty simple. Here’s a comic, here’s a rant, here’s a button, and here’s a plea: "Vote for my comic on such-and-such a top list!" Little context is provided, but one is bound and determined to show support as requested. One clicks, one votes. Then, one is confronted by a list of other comics which have all, presumably, asked for the same thing.
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Read Comixpedia’s RSS Feed Via LiveJournal!

(LJ users can clearly skip this.) If you have a LiveJournal account, you can get Comixpedia headlines by adding its syndication account to your friends list. You’ll still need to click through in order to read full stories, of course, but the URL is always handily provided at the start!

LJ uses a points system for its syndicated accounts. The more people there are who subscribe this way, the lower the points cost is to one’s fellow users. As of this writing, only five people read the feed in this fashion! Continue Reading