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End of the Year Sale

We’re about four days away from a shiny new year. There are also only four days left to get 10% off at the Schlock store using the coupon code Schlocksale09. This includes items from the Clearance section of our store, which has been restocked. You see, during the holiday shipping we had to shift some boxes around, and we subsequently located a pile of lightly dinged and scuffed books. They were lonely and forgotten at Christmas, but now they’ve been found and they want to be sent to good homes.  They’re discounted in our store, and if you use the coupon code they become doubly discounted.

Please don’t tell them you only adopted them because they were on sale twice.

Also, we’re down to our last few  XDM Bundles. Get them before they’re gone.

Forty Five review

I’ve been waiting for a chance to actually read Forty Five by Andi Ewington and I’m taking this opportunity to write a review on a pdf the folks at Com.X provided. Rather than repeat the obvious, I’m going to assume you’ve read at least one of the interviews and understand the basics. (If you want to read more of the interviews with Andi, you can start here.)

There is a Terminology page with about thirty terms; some of them you probably know like AWOL or HAZMAT but others are very creative like S-Book, Flambo and Norman. All of them make perfect sense within the setting context. There is also the nice touch by the use of the standard disclaimer: names-and-locations-have-been-changed-in-some-instances. It’s a small detail that added to the feel of the book.

Sherlock Holmes in Eight Words

“Better than the Holmes we’ve grown accustomed to.”

Sandra and I both really enjoyed the film. If you want to know why, I’ll comment down below eventually. My comments and those of others will end up full of spoilers, I’m sure. You have been warned.

The Hans Zimmer soundtrack is wonderful. It sounded a wee bit anachronistic at first, but I was sold on it after thirty seconds. And yes, I’m turning into a regular Hans Zimmer fanboy – Batman Begins, Angels & Demons, Kung Fu Panda, Pirates of the Carribean, and now Sherlock Holmes. I own them all, and just created a master “Hans Zimmer” playlist. Feel free to suggest stuff I’m missing.

Ce n’est pas une hat

0 400x400 Ce nest pas une hat

Strip News 12-25-9

thundercats 200x151 Strip News 12 25 9You would think that comic folks would be taking it easy this busy week but then you’d be just as wrong as I was for thinking that. Or maybe you knew better.

Holiday album art

Here are two holiday album covers I really like...

The soundtrack to the original Sesame Street Christmas special. It's one of my most favorites because it is both funny and also sad as heck (like all the best holiday specials!) You can Download the album here!.

I used to love the Chipmunks as a kid. And still love their old Christmas albums (especially the jazzy orchestrations) and the artwork style for the original Alvin show is still charming enough to make me ignore the new CGI Chipmunks. This image was the inspiration for the art I did for the Harry and the Potters Christmas Album

Land Shark

28h32p0 322x500 Land Shark

...And for the record, Josie > Archie & His Pals > Josie & The Pussycats

I've recently been reading some of the late Sixties' Archie Publications comics, specifically the early Josie series. I'm not particularly a fan of ... well, just about any teen comic, really, and the Archie family is no real exception. There's a period which begins in fits and starts around 1958, peaks around 1968, and which is gone, gone, gone by 1971 where Archie - if just for the quality of the art - was really notable, and those are what I've been lately perusing.

Dan DeCarlo (and, eventually, the trio of Dan and his twin sons) was the artistic core of these books, the elder DeCarlo specifically being known for his energetic good girl art. Josie's the best of the endless teen comedies DeCarlo and the rest of the Archie Publications crew turned out during this period (for other publishers, even), and the one which received the best flourishes from DeCarlo ...

Freaks N Squeeks reaches 1500 comics

On December 23rd, 2009, Freaks N Squeeks, by Patric Lewandowski (the Marvelous Patric) reached its 1500th comic.

This.  Is.  Awesome.



Hey Jerks1! Still

Hey Jerks1! Still stuck at work with little or nothing to do? Here's some more time-killers from the best of the latter half of the year's worth of my Livejournal!