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The Rampage Network Presents Amya

The Rampage Network presents a video promo of Amya. Follow The Rampage Network on YouTube for future videos!


stripShow 2.5 released!

I’m pleased to announce the release of version 2.5 of stripShow, the all-in-one webcomics solution for WordPress!

Version 2.5 features AutoComic, allowing webcomics creators to use virtually any WordPress theme, not just themes designed specifically for webcomics. Thanks to the magic of JavaScript, you can mix comics with your regular blog and still take advantage of stripShow’s features such as searchable transcripts and storylines.

Also new in 2.5 is a handy interface to add comics directly from WordPress’s Add Post page. No longer do comics have to be added from a separate page.

The Rampage Network Presents The Webcomic Beacon

The Rampage Network presents a video promo of The Webcomic Beacon podcast:

I Have Returned!

No, I'm not General McArthur.  I am CyberLord.  I was just getting used to this place when 2008 happened and things kind of exploded at work and my work-load nearly doubled because we let some people go.  My work has nothing to do with comics or art but it did keep me too busy to focus on the things I really like.  Unlike a lot of people, I work so that I can do what I want to do.  I don't work because I like it.  All I like is the money.  :)

Needless to say all my comic ambitions went up in smoke until recently.  I find that I still have that comic itch and I still need to scratch it.  This place seems as good as any to start.


Belated Congrats to Wednesday & Eric


     Sometimes, like the beginning of Slaughterhouse Five, one finds onesself researching the

people one used to know.  What ever happened to   ---   etc..  Well, looking for Wednesday White,

I happened upon the post regarding her saying yes to Eric Burns, and, well, even though I'm really

not a  webcomics afficionato, nor even a really habitual reader of graphic novels in general,

I just had to join this forum so I could post a somewhat belated hello, congratulations, and attagirl

to Wednesday, and a 'wish you the best' to Eric.

My First Days Here!

Hey, what's up, guys. I'm Mariana Paletta and I've just recently completed my first webcomic, Alphie and Sophie Venustar. The comic is about two space critter twins who in the year 2015 are called to replace their friend and fellow agent, Joe Solarman after a villain defeats him and abducts the princess of the solar system. The comic can be found on my personal homepage and also on Comicspace, Webcomics Nation and also on my Deviant Art page. Although my website has a complete version of the comic, I'll will include pages of it weekly on Comicspace and Deviant Art every Tuesday and Thursday so that more people can see it. 


My Homepage

Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan updates

After almost three months of no updates, Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan has updated twice in the space of one week. I have also written a blog post about possibly getting the comic back on some sort of schedule (and the financial state of the comic, which needs work).

Action Teenz Issue 2 in production

This is the first page from Issue 2 of Action Teenz, which is being updated on Drunk Duck as it is produced until a full preview can be available. Click the image for the link.

As for the first issue, it can be downloaded in full at DrivethruComics

Odori Park at One Year Old

On Saturday, March 13th, I'll be celebrating the first anniversary of my webcomic Odori Park. I've managed to keep the comic updating three days a week (M/W/F) since March 13, 2009, at my site For the uninitiated: Odori Park chronicles the gaffes and romance of Colin and Arisa Easton, an "east marries west" international couple with a toddler son named Sprout, and a small used bookshop to look after.

Tim Demeter leaving Clickwheel and GraphicSmash and so is Reckless Life

As of the end of today I am resigning as editor of and and removing my comic, Reckless Life from both sites.

I’m not so narcissistic as to assume this is interesting news to anyone but I would like to clarify that this is not a commentary on either site or the brilliant creators doing great work in both places.  I’d like to thank the folks behind these sites, Rebellion LTD, Will Simons and Joey Manley for the opportunities they provided me and T Campbell for making those opportunities possible.  Extra special thanks to all of you who kept up on my various webcomic projects over the years.

In the coming days I’m going to be writing an ongoing blog series on my experiences in the comic industry both pro and amateur, print and web.  If anyone can profit from my triumphs and tragedies in the business of the business I will be offering my experiences for anyone who wishes to hear them.  All of this will be happening at:

And if you liked my comic, Reckless Life you’ll be able to find out how to get access to the archives there as well as learn a little about my new creative projects.

I’m Tim Demeter.  You stay classy internet.