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Dave Kellett

Friday News and Weekend Clues



  • Kitchen, Lind & Associates have signed up webcomic creator Bryant Paul Johnson (Teaching Baby Paranoia, The Antecedent). Previously this agency had signed up webcomic creators Eleanor Davis and Drew Weing. KL&A provides artist representation and book packaging to its clients. (KLA will have a booth at SPX on October 13th and 14th to promote its upcoming packaged books and is looking to meet with talented creators who are seeking representation.) You know you're at a webcomic news site because the big deal here to me is the signing of creators from the web. The big news to everyone else though will be that KLA has signed Jim Lawson and the estate of Harvey Kurtzman.
  • Barry Deutsch who sold his URL to a "Search Engine Optimization" company - but kept his blog and cartoons there - opens up his blog to discussion of his decision. Reinder has a post with some thoughts on the controversy.





Weekend Update

Time to make the donuts thank our sponsors!

And Now the News & Views:

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Things On My To Do List:

Blank Label Comics Appearance

Blank Label Comics members Kris Straub, Steve Troop, and Dave Kellett will be joined by fellow Los Angeleno cartoonists David Malki of Wondermark, Jorge Cham of PhD, Kazu Kibuishi of Copper, and Amy Kim Ganter of Sorcerers & Secretaries for a 7-in-1 signing at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood.

Signing at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood

If you’re anywhere near LA on September 23rd, check out the signing at Meltdown Comics in Hollywood.

Back From the Beach; Blank Label Up Next Week

I had a great time at the beach and just got back today. I understand the new server held up ok until sometime yesterday - I'm working with the company (Liquid Web) to figure out if this is a workable server solution or not. If things go down, hopefully it won't take too long to resolve...

Coming next week are the Blank Label bloggers: Dave Kellett, Kris Straub, Howard Tayler and Brad Guigar. I've really enjoyed having guest bloggers on the site this summer and next week should be a lot of fun. Besides being great cartoonists these are all great guys. After that will be our last regularly scheduled guest blogger - Chris "Superosity" Crosby. I'll be shifting back out of summer vacation mode soon enough - one of the things I'd like some feedback on is about the guest bloggers we've had. Good idea, bad idea? Great for the summer or something to have all year long?

I also approved all of the new sites for the top list so you're on if you signed up last week. I haven't gotten a lot of feedback from the top list site so far so please let me know if it's been helpful, worthless, whatever. Thanks. (P.S. If you're on the top list and don't create an encyclopedia entry for yourself you're missing out on a chance to provide more information to curious, potential readers)

Also - thanks to new sponsor, the webcomic Krakow!


Sheldon @ The Charles M. Schulz Museum

How cool is this? Dave Kellett of Sheldon has been invited to be a "cartoonist in residence" at the Charles M. Schulz Museum.

Comicon Friday - Blank Label Comics Panel

So, after missing the Webcomics 101 panel on Thursday, I was determined not to miss a single panel on Friday (except due to conflict, of course. After all, there is more than just webcomics at this con). So the first thing on the docket for Friday was to get up bright and early to attend the Blank Label Comics panel.

The panel included every member of Blank Label Comics except Greg Dean (Real Life) and Paul Southworth (Ugly Hill). At the end of the panel, the crowd got all the panelists to get together for a group picture, resulting in this fine photo (as always, click on photos for higher res versions):

Comicon Sketch Dump - Part 1

One of the most fun things to do at the Comicon is to go around to all your favorite artists and get sketches of your favorite characters. There's just nothing quite as cool as seeing an artist create something right in front of you, personalized for you, and hand it to you for you to keep, right there. Pretty freaking sweet.

I've got myself a nice sketchbook (from last year's con, actually), and I'll be going around all weekend getting sketches from various webcomickers and posting them up here for you all to see.

So let's get this party started!

ComiCon San Diego

Comicon is almost here. Gilead and Darlene will be guest blogging for Comixpedia. Lots of panel info after the jump.

Hey! Wapsi Square Book!

I'm supposed to be gone for awhile right?

Nevertheless I'm very excited - and wanted to post that Paul Taylor has a book out collecting several years of Wapsi Square. (With a foreward for the book from fellow BLC'er Dave Kellett).