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Jennie Breeden

Otakon 2010 Part 2

In addition to having a lot of webcomic creators in the artist alley, Otakon 2010 had a number of webcomic-related events. While Otakon doesn't formally invite webcomic people as guests, it does let us be panelists and workshop leaders and large group of attendees (almost 30,000 this year!) makes it a great place. This part covers two of the webcomic events held that weekend: Iron Artist by Jessi Bavolack and Happy Hyper Hentai Drawing Party by some of the girls from

You've Come a Long Way, Baby! (Wait, That's Sexist)

 When Cathy Guisewite started her comics career in 1976 there weren't many women making comics. 'Cathy' was one of the first mainstream comics written by and about a woman. When she announced she would be ending the long-running comic strip October 3rd it made me think about some of the webcomics I read that happen to be made by women.

Comix Talk for Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's Peanut Butter And World Cup Time!  Can I get an ole?

iWEBCOMICS: Bleeding Cool has a look at Comixology's iPad Comics Reading App ported to the PC.

UNDERSTANDING HYPE: Scott McCloud plugs Alan Rose's comic about his life in Nebraska: L’il Rose of Corn.

NSFW HYPE:  Brigid Alverson covers the launch of Filthy Figments, a subscription-only adult webcomics site featuring work from Gina Biggs (Red String), Jennie Breeden (The Devil's Panties), Robin Edwards (Cardboard Angel), Amy Stoddard (Patches), Kittyhawk (Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki) and Megan Gedris (I Was Abducted by Lesbian Pirates from Outerspace).

INTERVIEW: The Toronto Star interviews Rina Piccolo about her new webcomic Velia, Dear and being homesick for Toronto.

BUSINESS: Webcomic Planet suggests Squareup's iPhone/Android app for conventions.  The app is a credit card reader -- it'll let you take credit cards as payment.

Comix Talk for Friday, May 21, 2010

Journalin Comix by Joe Hunter

You can all go home now because Joe Hunter give you EVERY WEBCOMIC EVER.  His Journalin Comix is pretty funny - worth checking out.

KICK START MY ART: Max Huffman does the webcomic called Mocktopus and he needs a new computer because his laptop died.  Pledge some money, get a sketch - help Huffman keep making comics.

Hypin' the Hype: Evil Diva is about an average 12 year old girl who is also a devil.  So being good and nice? Kind of a problem.  This comic's been up for awhile (archives back to 2008) but escaped my notice before.  Cute and funny comic.

Naughty By NatureFilthy Figments launches in less then 2 weeks and boasts an impressive line-up of artists: GINA BIGGS, Creator of Red String, ROBIN EDWARDS, Creator of Cardboard Angel, JENNIE BREEDEN, Creator of The Devil's Panties, KITTYHAWK, Creator of Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki, MEGAN GEDRIS, Creator of Yu+Me, and TSUKIYONO, Creator of Patches.  WARNING - even the preview splash page up now is NSFW so click carefully.  (Also of interest - it looks like the site is owned by Strawberry Comics, LLC, which is Gina Biggs corporate alter ego.)

Sex, RPG & Superheroes: Ryan Sohmer is launching a third webcomic, this one poking fun at superheroes.  Longtime Sohmer collaborator, Lars DeSouza is serving as art director with the actual art to be done by a rotating crew of artists.

Brainfag Forever: Comics by Nate Beaty from 1999-2007

Nate Beaty has been making comics for about a decade (at least) and collected 8 years of journal webcomics into Brainfag Forever (or BFF as it appears on the cover).  It's very self-revealing with a great deal of painful honesty in it.  Artistically it's all over the place and in that sense it's an overview of Beaty's life as a comic artist as much as the comic itself is an overview of his life in general.  It's no wonder this book collected a number of strong reviews last year.

Comix Talk for Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So today is the Second Coming?  The rumored debut of Apple's oversized iPod has sent the newspaper business into a tizzy but it is potentially VERY interesting to the world of comics.  I doubt the first generation of it (if it exists!) will be affordable enough but eventually this could become a serious platform for comics.  IF IF IF IF....

In non-rapturous news of the day, congrats to Ben Costa for winning a Xeric Grant for Shi Long Pang. I look forward to buying that book! (h/t Paperless Comics)  And in a true spirit of public service, Gary reads Platinum Comics Licensing's press release to decipher the latest business plan: "an in-house version of CafePress."

INTERVIEW: Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots.

REVIEW: Delos reviews Insert Comic by Zack Holmes.

And how about some links to fill-out your morning read -- here's the list of webcomics the readers of the Washington Post nominated for its Comics Riffs poll on "Best Webcomic of the Decade": "Devil's Panties" ; "Devin Crane" ; "Eric Monster Millikin" ; "Girl Genius" ; "Girls With Slingshots" ; "Hark! A Vagrant" ; "Jesus and Mo" ; "Kevin and Kell" ; "Least I Could Do" ; "Navy Bean" ; "The New Adventures of Queen Victoria" ; "Order of the Stick" ; "Penny Arcade" ; "Perry Bible Fellowship" ; "Pibgorn" ; "PvP" ; "Questionable Content" ; "Red String" ; "Schlock Mercenary" ; "Sinfest" ; "UserFriendly.Org" ; and "xkcd."

Red String Vol.5

Gina Biggs is taking preorders for the fifth printed volume of her romance webcomic series, Red String. Red String Volume 5 is 224 pages includes bonus comic pages not available in the online archive as well as a foreword  by Jennie Breeden of The Devil’s Panties. This is the second book she is self-publishing since her departure from Dark Horse Comics. Visit the Red String site for more details on ordering.

Comic-Con 2009

Strip Business 5-19-9

A little freelancing, some pro talk and we end on a daydream…

Megacon 2009

Megacon 2009 is in its last day, as I write this post. It’s my third year of attending, and it was a fun time as always. I met several very talented folks, saw my share of orcs, stormtroopers, Ghostbusters, Watchmen, Naruto, and people dressed in weird (or too skimpy) outfits, but hey - that’s all part of the convention experience, right?