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Kate Beaton

Happy Canada Day!

From Canadiana

From Canadiana

Happy Canada Day to the neighbors up North! Personally, I’m celebrating by watching CBC, saying “eh,” and punching out a Timbits hockey player! OK, not that last one. Don’t sic your Mounties on me.

This Day in ComixTalk: June 19th

This Day in ComixTALK:

Chuck Whelon posted the cover art for his new edition of the first collection of Pewfell Perfingles comics.  He also posted a great page from that bookNeil Cohn noted the 30th anniversary of Jim Davis' Garfield and covered some of the webcomic experimentalism incorporating that comicBrad Guigar reported back from exhibiting at Wizard World Philadelphia.  Kate Beaton?  Before she became famous for historical comicking, she posted this take on the Anthony-Liz storyline from For Better or For Worse.

And the nominees for that year's Online Comics category at the Harveys included Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Jeff Kinney, EZ Street, Robert Tinnell and Mark Wheatley, Penny Arcade, Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik, Perry Bible Fellowship, Nicholas Gurewitch and Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo, Dwight L. Macpherson, Thomas Boatwright and Thomas Mauer.

I was in the midst of spinning off and rebranding this site as ComixTALK.  While it all hasn't worked out to "bigger and better" it has worked well enough for me.  (Never did activate the so-called umbrella site "Comixmedia")

Todd Allen was covering the DC webcomics plans; another Platinum story was in the news and FLEEN speculated on the webcomic future for Elfquest creators Wendy and Richard Pini.

Back when we did "Summer of Guest Bloggers" -- we had Barry Gregory (01 Comics) and Clay Gardner (Wirepop) on tap for this week.  Clay wrote a post on "the hidden style of manga".  And Zach Lewis hyped Jack of All Blades -- the "most popular adventure comic featuring a doppleganger, a penguin, and a horrid swordfighter".

June 2005 was our "webcomics in print" issue.  Ben Towles wrote about his experiences self-publishing a print collection of his webcomic TowniesEric Burns wrote about some of the webcomics that had jumped to print and mused about what would be the future role of print in webcomics.  Meanwhile in Kelly Cooper's MoCCA report we have early photographic evidence of Gary "Magnum P.I." Tyrrell.

Cartoonist Hard (aka Clay) who used to blog pretty often, wrote about various comics publications and objecting to the Webcomics Examiner approach to webcomics.  It just reminds me of how overblown some of the discussions online became back then.  And the fact that for a long time Comixpedia/Talk was largely alone in trying to provide coverage of webcomics which often meant we got swept up in whatever the drama of the moment was.

I linked to this article in the NYTimes about building an audience for your blog.  It's a bit like driving a mustang while looking back on the Model Ts.  How about this quote:

But Susan Mernit, a blogger in San Francisco, is actively trying to increase her readership from its current average of about 50 visitors a day. "I value hits highly," said Ms. Mernit, a consultant for nonprofit organizations and a former vice president for programming at America Online. "I'd like to see my traffic increase by 10 readers a month."

The AV Club on Kate Beaton, webcomics

How do you know webcomics are gaining ground on their direct market brethren? When the print versions of popular webcomics are starting to pop up with reliable frequency in the AV Club’s comic round-up. In the June 12 version, they have a review of Kate Beaton’s “Never Learn Anything From History,” as well as a bit of commentary on webcomics as a whole:

You Should Have Read These Links This Morning Already

Fleen has the breakdown on where the webcomics at for this year's MoCCA 2009.

A good interview with cartoonist Kate Beaton.  She did get web-famous pretty quickly, didn't she?  Also another good interview with Beaton at Comixology.
Daily Cross Hatch has an interview with Achewood's Chris Onstad.
Comics Worth Reading has an interview with Tara Tallan of Galaxion.

The K Chronicles asks cartoonists why can't we be friends?
Rick Marshall reports that several members of ACT-I-VATE, including Josh Neufeld, contributed to last night's ABC News special Earth 2100.
Brigid Alverson has a good article about her Zuda rule:  making sure the reader can make sense of the comic in the first 8 pages.

A Legend Begins

Yes, you all asked for it, so here it is: Episode 1 of internet comic sensation, Brunel and Stovie (seemlessly woven on to the end of my previous comic here)! Stand aside, Beaton, there's a new history comic in town:

I feel like I might have written myself into a bit of a corner in this one, but I'm sure I can work it out. Internet super-stardom, here I come!

Anthology 2.0 and the News

I read my "regular" webcomic list through but when I feel like trying something new I often look to sites that seem to be a cross between old-fashioned artist collectives and print anthologies.  Zuda, regardless of its contest hook, is a great place to check out lots of new stuff, ACT-I-VATE is also regularly pulling in new comics (as well as updating many existing ones) and Top Shelf 2.0 has some nice stuff as well.  There was a good review of the many great webcomics that have appeared at Smith Magazine's website, including A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge by Josh Neufeld and the more recent Next Door Neighbor project.  There is also always new stuff at Dark Horse's MySpace Webcomic anthology, including a two-page Sinfest special this month.

Anyone want to throw out their current favorite spots?

Cory Doctorow reviews the print collection of Dinosaur Comics.
Delos reviews The Horrible Pirates.
El Santo reviews Glam.

A podcast interview with Kate Beaton and other artists at the recent TCAF in Toronto.

Sean Kleefeld has a post on the potential fragility of Diamond's future, given it's heavy reliance on the business of Marvel and DC.

O Canadian Comics Award Winners

At this weekend's Toronto Comicsapoolza, the Doug Wright awards were presented:

(h/t to The Comics Reporter)


I had an amazing time at Strange Adventures' annual Free Comic Book Day. Cal (the owner of the store) and his crew have been doing it for nigh-on eight years, and every year it seems to get a little bigger and a little better. There're even more plans for next year, involving diagrams and world domination and such. Shh, you didn't hear it from me. I was on hand with a bunch of other artist folk, to do drawings for kids and sign books and just be a part of trying to spread the word about the fantastic art form known as comics.

Awesome FREE! Event on Maryland's Eastern Shore

I can't go but wow I wish I could - PEN is putting on an event featuring Emmanuel Guibert from France,  Kate Beaton from Canada, and Robbi Behr, Chad Parmenter, and Matthew Swanson from the United States.  The panel is titled "The New Literature of Graphic Narrative" and it is free and open to the public.

When: Saturday, April 25, 2009: 2–7 p.m.
Where: The Rose O’Neill Literary House: 407 Washington Avenue, Chestertown, MD

I'm So Excited For Someone To Invent the T-Shirt by Kate Beaton