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Scott Kurtz

How To Make Webcomics Without Critics?

One more post I guess:

Scott Kurtz the person online has always had a somewhat dramatic relationship with what... the world?  At least with people who comment on his work, primarily PvP. Today he writes at length, apparently prompted by a passage in a review by Comics Worth Reading of the book  How To Make Webcomics (which Kurtz is a co-author of).  First off, it's a hugely positive review of the book so it's hardly the case that Johnana is slamming it.  She simply makes the point as a writer that there are a few simple tools available for publicizing work that aren't mentioned in the book.  I really think Kurtz is reading way too much into her review. 

While I appreciate his frustration at the negative energy an artist can pick up from a negative review, the answer to that is probably simply to ignore the reviews.  Sometimes a review is useful, sometimes it's not -- there's no obligation for an artist to read anything written about their work.  But some reviews are useful to some artists.  Some artists can deal with all reviews, some can't deal well with any kinds of reviews (and all sorts in between). Maybe the best advice is to find out what kind of artist you are with regards to external commentary and try to stick to guidelines that work for yourself.  You can't stop the world from commenting on what is public art.

new Taking Up Space and Around the Web

Keeping in tune with yesterday's blog post, Wednesday's Taking Up Space takes aim at a familiar and favorite target - the TV news media.

Around the web:

Triumph Visits Comicon 2008

Hilarious stuff, in you’re a fan of the stylings of one Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Scott Kurtz of PvP, by the way, appears at the 2:38 mark and is the butt of some fat jokes. Scott seemed to be pretty stoked about it. Also funny: Triumph giving nerds wedgies.

Bring Me The Webcomic Of Alfredo Garcia

Thanks to our current sponsor  -- the Learn to Draw the Human Figure video course.  More sponsorships are available -- cheap and even cheaper!

Our August issue is officially launched - I have a quick review of a great photo reference book filled with shots of facial expressions; Derek Badman reviews two webcomics from the European webcomics site, Electrocomics; Patric Lewandowski wraps up his examination of closure and synthesis in comics; and I have an interview with Andrew "mneonix08" Gomez on the reboot of his webcomics toplist site, Buzzcomix.  And last but not least the very cool cover this month is from Peter Donahue, the co-creator of Pear-Pear (be sure to click the "view the entire cover" button to see the whole thing).

Comics Worth Reading adds a few more thoughts on the relaunched WOWIO ebooks site.

Scott Kurtz gets mocked by Triumph the Insult Dog at Comic Con - see the video from the Conan O'Brien show here. Kurtz handled it pretty well actually and managed to get a solid plug in for the Skull the Troll doll.

Apparently a lot of other Scary Go Round fans were also appreciative of John Allison's Baker, Butcher and the Candlestickmaker superhero squad in the latest SGR storyline.

Lore Sjöberg is making D&D-themed comics at his Bad Gods website.  The latest, called "Rust Monster" is classic.  If you've never checked out Bad Gods before - click through the archives; I'm pretty sure 99% of you will laugh at the very funny animated bits he did in 2006.

Comic Con 2008: Old Friends

"There's no friend like an old friend..." (Oliver Wendell Holmes) Comic Con -- aka "The Nerd Prom" -- is special for me because it's my opportunity to reconnect with all of my old friends in comics. Primary in this group are my three, close friends Dave Kellett, Kris Straub and Scott Kurtz. Including the How To Make Webcomics book, the Webcomics Weekly podcast and countless other side projects and appearances over the past year, we've gotten to be very good friends with one another. It's more like a family reunion when we all get together. I laugh so hard with them...

POLL: Comic Con 2008: The Night

Friday night will go down in Webcomics history as The Night.

For the Halfpixel gang (Scott Kurtz, Kris Straub, his intern Magnolia Porter, Dave Kellett and me), it started with a brilliant idea by Kellett. He figured that, instead of fighting the crowds in the Gaslamp District, we'd pile into his vehicle and drive out to one of his favorite fast food places, The In & Out Burger. For a little more on that, check the second half of Scott's video, embedded below.

Comic Con 2008: Making Friends


Where to start in bringing you a con report for Comic Con International? I can't break it down chronologically because there's just too much, and my memory is already merging the events into one. So, I decided to break it down among themes. Today: People I Met.

Half Pixel Highlights from SDCC

Halfpixel at Comic Con:

Smattering of San Diego Clips from Scott Kurtz on Vimeo.

That Dave Kellett is a funny guy. Little bit... a little bit.

So... Comic-Con is Around the Corner

Comic-Con 2008 kicks off in San Diego soon -- July 24-27 -- and the web/indy/whatever--comic presence seems to grow bigger each year.  If you're going you're already set b/c this thing, as a practical matter, sold out long ago (I think you can still get a hotel room in the next state over...).

Some awesome panels this year include:

Templar: Well, it's a pretty unbelieveable story.

I'm not even sure it happened myself. Off to crank out more comics. PS: I stole this from Scott Kurtz's...