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Tim Broderick

Crimespree finalist

I was a finalist for the 2009 Crimespree Magazine awards!

Favorite comics writer
Brian Azzarello (winner)
Tim Broderick
Ed Brubaker
Jason Aaron

And yes, it is an honor just to be mentioned! Congratulations to all the winners!

Future of Comics

Years ago, while I was discussing the idea of going behind the subscription wall at, I happened to make a point that - when considering the future of cartooning - still resonates today.

You will always be able to find comics to read (for free on the internet), but unless there's some way to adequately compensate specific creators for their work, those specific creators will not continue to produce that specific work.

Here and There and Somewhere In Between

I assume you're all reading up on, and Journalista!?  Good.  I'm happy to front page other efforts to link roll up ALL of the interesting FUTURE OF COMICS IS NOW type stories and then some (hint hint) but I won't be doing nearly as much of that kind of blogging myself this year.  

Webcomics Booyah!

Tim Broderick responds to an email from a COMIC BOOK executive posted at Tom Spurgeon's COMICS REPORTER site.  You know where my bias are, but by the end of 2009 "comics" as a business is going to be so deep into the throes of change... well really deep I guess.  No new demographic is going to replace the aging males buying the soft comic "book" monthly thing and even a lot of those this year are going to have to cut back in order to, you know, eat.


What's this -- another missive from Tim Broderick this morning :)  Yep, Tim has a short piece on strategy for the long-form webcomic over at


Joey Manley posted an update on Comicspace initiatives.  It doesn't sound like there's a firm date anymore for the launch of the "new" site for creators.  They are also having an open house February 5 and 6 nearby the New York Comic Convention this weekend.  I have been using their new advertising network Webcomics World for a few months now -- too early for me to have any opinion on it though.

Gift in the mail

Cash & Carry is a winner on every level. A tense, fast-paced thriller featuring a truly original and interesting protagonist. Tim Broderick’s illustrations are consistently vibrant, inventive, and fresh. As a storyteller and artist, Broderick is gifted on both counts, a genuine double threat.”
Henry Perez, author of “Killing Red,” Coming in 2009 from Pinnacle Books

Crime comics in Baltimore

Crime Comic Book Creator Signing at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

This will be cool!

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum Welcomes Bouchercon Crime Authors Come to Baltimore

In celebration of the arrival of Bouchercon XXXIX, the preeminent annual gathering of crime fiction authors, editors, artists and fans, and in conjunction with Crimespree magazine, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum (GEM) will host a signing on Friday, October 10, 2008, from 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM, at the museum’s 301 West Camden Street facility in Baltimore.

Bookcellar signing

Pictured above are Josh Elder, Chris Burnham, me (Tim Broderick), and Jeffrey Brown from tonight’s signing at the Bookcellar bookstore in Lincoln Square.
I think it went pretty well. Chris and Jeff were still wiped out from San Diego, so Josh went first and warmed up the crowd by talking about comics and graphic novels.
Jeffrey went [...]

I Like Webcomics

New feature articles this morning including the wrap-up of Tim Broderick's column on bringing his webcomic Odd Jobs to print in the graphic novel Cash & Carry.  Also today's the last day to send in a sketch if you're interested in doing the August cover for ComixTalk (more details here).

ComixTalk interviews Tom Brazelton of Theater Hopper.

The Comics Reporter has an interview with David Malki! of Wondermark who has a book collecting the comic out from Dark Horse.

El Santo takes a look at Octopus Pie.

Michael Payne looks at long-running webcomics Clan of the Cats and CRFH!!!.

Derik Badman reviews The Lady's Murder.

Journalista! links to a Wall Street Journal report that DC Comics will convert some of its comics into semi-animated slideshows to be sold at the iTunes store for computer and cellphone viewing.  This sounds like Clickwheel a bit doesn't it?  Anyhow, Newsarama has more on this.

Comics Worth Reading examines the webcomic efforts of publishers Boom Studios and SLG.

Odd Jobs by Tim Broderick

The Road Less Traveled: Still Traveling

There's one last thing to pass on in this series about publishing your graphic novel through a traditional prose publisher: Does this work?

Easy answer: Yes.