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 Dapper Caps and Pedal Copters by David Malki!

A few more stories worth checking out today:

JUSTIFY SOME HYPE: Comics Alliance has a preview of David Malki!'s new Wondermark book -- Dapper Caps and Pedal Copters.  It's been great to see Malki!'s success with the Wondermark books from Dark Horse Publishing.

INTERVIEWS: An interview with Mike Russell of the alway funny webcomic Culture PulpCulture Pulp is non-fiction, usually taking on a movie or an event in the Northwest.  And Von Allan gets interviewed -- his graphic novel (which used to be serialized on the web at Girlamatic but I don't see it there now) is The Road to God Knows.

BUSINESS: An article on epublisher WOWIO's excitement about the iPad.  I'm excited about the iPad too, but given WOWIO's history I am going to wait and see what they bring to the world in terms of product and contracts before spending too much time reporting on their revival.

ALWAYS BE PREPARED: Webcomic Marketing has a list of items to put in a convention travel kit.  It's a really  good idea to have a check list before leaving for a convention.

The ComixTalk 2009 Roundtable

It's the end of the year and what better time to talk webcomics with a great group of interesting creators and commentators.  For this year's roundtable we talked about favorite and new webcomics from 2009; iPhones and iTablets; developments in the business of comics; developments in the subject matter of comics; webcomic awards; and predictions for 2010!  I'm joined by Gary Tyrrell, Delos Woodruff, Shaenon Garrity, Fesworks, Derik Badman, Larry Cruz, Brigid Alverson and Johanna Draper Carlson.

Webcomic Beacon #98 Girl-A-Matic

This Day in ComixTalk: November 24th

Man, in years ComixTalk is like a tween now... OMG!

We had an interview with Evan Nichols of the webcomic Dr. Eldritch.  Plus, wow! Jon Morris' comic,  Star Wars Versus The Batman.  And Bomb Shelter's Webcomic Idol contest was down to the final three.  (Doesn't look like Webcomic Idol is happening this year...)

Von Allan's The Road To God Knows began its serialization over at Girlamatic.

Scott McCloud's Making Comics was making the rounds; Neil Babra drew an awesome turkey; and another installment in the Most Read Webcomics Measurement Project.


A great thread on how much to spend on making a webcomic -- how times have changed (or not) since then!

Dave Wright's Todd and Penguin hits it's third anniversary milestone; an interview with Brad Hawkins and a review of his webcomic Monkey Law; and Dylan Meconis wrote a column on webcomic creator burnout.

New Mell + Bazillion

Girlamatic just launched a snazzy redesign. Check out the latest Li'l Mell page in its palatial new surroundings. And have a look at the rest of the site while you're at it. There's new comics and blogs and stuff.

Meanwhile, in The Chronicles of William Bazillion, we inch closer and closer to catharsis.

Reboot Saturday

Two great pieces of news on the webcomics front today:

A new Girlamatic webcomics anthology site is up and rocking.  It's nice to see this site back with a burst of energy.  The site looks freshly redesigned and it sounds like it's got new code under the hood (maybe more details on that front will come out later).

Patrick Farley is working on re-publishing his webcomic work.  He lost the domain e-sheep at some point this decade and with it all of his previously published webcomic work disappeared.  He's starting putting up work (it sounds like it will take him quite some time to go through all of his old files) at which has a great throw-back design right now.  I don't actually see any links to comics there yet but keep an eye on it this month (and I'll let you know when I see completed stories up too).

Big Bunch of Interviews for Today

NEWSPAPERS: An interview with Lincoln Peirce (his family notoriously rebelling against the i before e except after c rule) the creator of the long-running Big Nate.

GRAPHIC NOVELS: An interview with Shaun Tan, creator of various excellent graphic novels, including Tales From Outer Suburbia (reviewed at Comixtalk here).

WEBCOMICS: An interview with Josh Neufeld, creator of A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge and an interview with Marty Nozzarella, creator of Mere Mortal.

ANTHOLOGIES: An interview with Diana McQueen, the new editor of the anthology comics site Girlamatic.

State of Things

Johnanna Draper Carlson asks "When did Girlamatic die?" -- and creator Tara Tallan replies "Girlamatic isn’t quite dead… there are several comics that still update (mostly) weekly, such as Gypsy!, Faery Underground, Five Star, and also mine, Galaxion."

It does seem fairly clear though that Joey Manley (aka ComicSpace Inc) has largely given up on the original webcomics anthology model, even though four such sites remain in various stages of operation: Modern Tales,, Graphic Smash and

Off the Radar: Catching Up with Past Luminaries

This article was originally published on in 2008.

Webcartoonists disappear every day. Not off the face of the Earth, of course, but certainly out of the collective conscious of the webcomic community. Creators may take a hiatus, or decide to focus on print projects, or complete a well-loved work and move on to something less wildly popular. Or they may simply not bother with self-promotion, so that when the initial buzz surrounding their work calms, they are not active in maintaining the level of attention that was briefly paid to their work. And fickle as the Internet is, it’s easy to go from famous to forgotten at any given moment.

Of course, just because a creator isn’t dominating the critical sites or public discussion forums the way they once did doesn’t mean they’ve stopped working, or publishing, or playing some other role in the comics community. Presented here is a survey of the current projects of four of those creators whom we haven’t heard much about over the past year or two, despite their notable accomplishments of the past.

Li'l Mell on Kidjutsu

The just-completed Li'l Mell story "Adjustment," written by me and drawn by the awesome Neil Babra, is now available on both Girlamatic and the all-ages webcomics site Kidjutsu. Kidjutsu is a nifty-looking site and I'm very excited to be involved with it. If it works out, I'll look into putting other Li'l Mell stories there.