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What Did I Learn?: Lullaby

Lullaby is created and art done by Hector Sevilla, written by Mike S. Miller and Ben Avery, colors by Simon Bork, David Curiel and Ulises Arreloa, lettered by Bill Tortolini. It is this delicious mix of fairy tales and literary sources with an edge. The characters are familiar yet have some twists to them, as you can see from the picture. Alice, Jim Hawkins and Pinnochio are not what you’d expect, are they? The art is perfectly suited to the subject matter, too.

Assorted Thoughts and Miscellaneous Musings

Hey, Folks!

Item: We’re back! Issue ten begins today!

This Is The Wednesday Post That I Will Finish At A More Reasonable Hour of the Day

The Comics Reporter has an interview with Viz's Senior Editorial Director, Elizabeth Kawasaki on the recently announced webcomic strategy for TheRumicWorld.

is anyone still interested in Platinum?  Apparently so - The Beat points to somebody who read through that company's latest corporate report and it looks like they're 20 million in the red.  Did they ever actually have a profitable quarter?  And no shocker, Wowio is pretty much dead too.  With today's economy -- call me back when your company can blow at least a couple billion.

Digital Strips reports that Spike won a bunch of the Stumptown Awards (including for webcomic) for Templar, Arizona, and Ellie Connelly creator Indigo Kelleigh got a mystery award.  Okay!

Yay - new Hate Song.  Also secret project from KC and Fred no longer secret - it's available at IndyPlanet here.

James Kochalka linked to a 3D mockup of his own cartoon alter ego.

Three Technologies I'm Just Not that Excited About

This article was originally published on in 2008.

I love technology. Whether it’s little gadgets like my iPod, or useful applications like Google Calendar, I love all the little tech innovations that make life easier and more fun. The first time I heard about webcomics, I was thrilled. Automated content management? Fantastic! Integration of multi-media elements into webcomics? All over it. Do I want an iPhone or a Kindle? Oh my god, yes. Can I afford them? Not remotely. But I want them nonetheless.

Strip News 1-6-9

Woah. Lots going on. I’ve debated going to a semi-daily update but sometimes noticing what the longer trends are provides more practical use. In any case, there’s arguably too much this week:

It's February Already?

Webcomics VS Dead Trees, Round XXXII
Since I'm fully in agreement that comics are comics (let's all get beyond "webcomics" and comic books" etc) -- a few interesting dust-ups between cartoonists who GET the web and those who resent and fear change.  FLEEN calls out alt-cartoonist Neil Swabb on some ill-advised words and Neil apologizes.  Interesting comments to the FLEEN post too.  Questionable Content creator Jeph Jacques has the final word for now as far as I'm concerned -- read his smart and funny response to Neil here.

Sean Kleefeld has an update on the Platinumized Wowio.  Wow - hard to believe it's been a year since Platinum took over Wowio... but it has been.  Sean has a back and forth with Brian Altounian of Platinum in the comments.

Brad Guigar has a "to-do list" up at with lots of ideas for the new year as well as some needed nags for most cartoonists (like "Start gathering receipts, invoices, records and other information for tax prep....")

Nobody Does It But Lulu

Sadly enough, my work with the download site Wowio did not pan out.  The site stiffed Smashout Comics for several thousand dollars, and so Smashout couldn't pay me. This was not Smashout's fault. They can't pass on what they didn't get.

So far, the only dependable, cheap way to order downloads for my books has proven to be at Lulu. The prices are never above 96 cents for any download.

The update on downloadables:

  • Booksurge lost that ability several years ago.
  • Mobipocket is insanely complicated, and the downloads cost the customer as much as the hardbacks (what's up with THAT?).
  • Clickwheel and Magwheel have lots of enthusiasm, but they're not up and running yet, not really.
  • Wowio is unreliable and can't keep up payments.
  • I haven't tried loading comics on Amazon's Kindle yet. I'll have to get at that next. Maybe. I haven't even looked at their prices yet.

To The Webcomicmobile!

I have been losing interest in tracking the latest Platinum Studios/WOWIO outrage but for what its worth FLEEN points to some recent links on creators allegedly still not getting paidJournalista! links to Todd Allen's take on the current PLATINUM-ized WOWIO business and finds a lot to be pessimistic about.  And Sean Kleefeld looks at some metrics that show a serious drop-off in WOWIO's traffic.

Youth Radio has an interview with Lela Lee of Angry Little Asian Girl. (h/t Journalista!)

The Washington Post's Comic Riffs blog writes about the online comics category nominees at the recent Ignatz awards and has a mini-interview with nominee Tracy White of TRACED.

The same Washington Post blog is running a poll on what to replace Opus with now that Berke Breathed has vacated the funny pages again.

Prism Comics debuts its latest comic, Joe Carr’s The Catty Corner.

ComicMix discovers Rich Burlew's Order Of The Stick.

FLEEN also has a short, interesting bit on the intersection of videogames and webcomics.  In particular there's a link to BRAID a new game that David Hellman, the artist from the too-short-lived A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible,  was the art director for.  While FLEEN did note the Penny Arcade plug for BRAID, they didn't mention the all important endorsement from rapper Soulja Boy.

Webcomic Wire - 10/14/08

Drawn from sources trying to avoid work today…

  • The Washington Post has an article called ‘Five Webcomics to Keep Your Eye On.’
  • Xerexes has an interesting post following up on the ‘Most Read’ series of articles comparing the audiences for various webcomics.
  • I can’t remember if I’ve posted Bloody and Brutal Reviews before, but here it is. The unvarnished and more than slightly profane (NSFW) Red Right Hand.
  • Great Hera! It’s Wonder Woman Day III!
  • Randall Munroe and Cory Doctrow talk work habits at 3PiCon.
  • 24 Hour Comic Book Day in San Francisco.
  • PC Weenies made PC Advisor Magazine’s ‘Top 10 Humorous Websites’ chosen by their readers. Congratulations Krishna!
  • Just in case you didn’t know XKCD spurred a new feature from YouTube. Good work Randall!
  • An interview with Gordon McAlpin, creator of Multiplex on ComixTalk.
  • Heidi MacDonald of The Beat has a nice roundup of the further adventures in Wowio/Platinum.
Reported by Michael Moss.

A Tip O' The Hat For the Last Game At Webcomic Stadium

Welcome to ComixTalk... may I take your order?  I've got an interview with the elusive Pokey the Penguin up and Brigid Alverson talks with Jeremy Ross of TokyoPop about its Manga Pilots program.   You may also want to check out my weekend post chock-filled with links to interesting stories and a new comic worth checking out.  (What exactly is a "chock" and how would you fill it?)

Missed this, but Creative Commons has an interview with Mr. Diesel Sweeties, Rich Stevens.  Back in 2005, ComixTalk held a roundtable on creative commons licenses and comics with T Campbell, Lawrence Lessig, Neeru Paharia, Mia Garlick, JD Frazer, and Cory Doctorow.

ComixMix has an interview with D.J. Coffman, currently working on Flobots. (Folks should also check out D.J.'s very recent post on hosting your webcomic yourself - a short guide to getting started online independently.)

Digital Strips has a short interview with Zach Weiner - of SMBC and Captain Excelsior infamey.

Rick Marshall had a great interview with Jennie Breeden of Devil's Panties.

Gaming Angel has an interview with Randall Munroe of xkcd and Benjamin Birdie and Kevin Church of The Rack (h/t Journalista!)

LA TIMES interviews Josh Neufeld on his webcomic A.D.: New Orleans After the Deluge.

Tom Spurgeon had a great interview with Scott McCloud on the new collection of his ZOT! comic.

CBR had a two-part interview with Aaron Diaz of Dresden Codak - click for part one and part two.

REVIEWS has a review of Chasing the Sunset.

David Rothman looks at the decline in traffic to but as Dirk Deppey notes, Wowio was essentially off the air for a good chunk of the summer.

I neglected to mention Andrew Wahl won first and third place in the International Cartoon contest at the Homer Davenport Days festival in Oregon earlier this month.  Wahl is a talented cartoonist - check out more of his work here.  Also, I just think it's cool that a town has an entire festival to celebrate Homer Davenport - an internationally respected and pioneering political cartoonist from the turn of the century.

Two East Coast events coming up fast.  First this coming weekend is the Baltimore Comicon (with, as FLEEN notes, the only East Coast appearance of all four How To Make Webcomics authors) The Baltimore Comicon is where the Harvey Awards are presented - Shaenon Garrity has the scoop on a contest to win tickets to the Harvey Awards

Next from October 4-5th is my hometown (close enough anyhow) convention, the Small Press Expo (SPX) over in Bethesda, Maryland.  The Ignatz Awards are presented at SPX.  Guests include Bryan Lee O’Malley, James Kochalka, Richard Thompson, Tom Tomorrow, etc!

Dirk Deppey links to this pretty cool idea -- The Superest wherein Kevin Cornell and Matthew Sutter take turns creating superheroes and villains that defeat each other’s creations.  And Tom Spurgeon links to news of a book deal for the site.