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Driven To Distraction: James Kochalka on Journal Comics, Modern Tales and the Magic Finger

James Kochalka plays a lot of video games. He quit his job (see his graphic novel Quit Your Job) and spends his time drawing Fancy Froglin for Modern Tales and American Elf as well as working on his upcoming projects. He is also a big fan of the cute aspects of Nintendo games. He cites message boards as his biggest distraction from work, though now that he has the American Elf message boards he can hang out there and pretend to work.

Kochalka recently won an Ignatz award (which he traded to Tom Hart for a bite of Pad Thai) for his Sketchbook Diaries collection. He's also been lauded as the force behind the journal comic movement online. He’s likewise been called various names by the video game geeks he harasses on message boards, but that’s for another article.