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Platinum Pays DJ Coffman

DJ Coffman blogs again about his ongoing issues with Platinum over the Hero By Night comic.  Coffman states that he's now paid in full and that Platinum has terminated his consultant contract with them.  Final results?  Coffman paid what he's owed; Platinum boxing up Hero By Night like the Ark of the Covenant.  Platinum owns the copyright on it so it can do what it wants, including never doing anything with it again.

Re: Platinum Pays DJ Coffman

 There are several TV shows that have been brought back due to fan demand. (e.g. Family Guy, Stargate: SG1) It would be cool if this could happen for Hero By Night, but there are far more examples of this failing than succeeding. (e.g. Forever Knight, Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls, Firefly)

It's too bad that Platinum's ego will probably bury HBN. It was the only physical comic that I've been willing to read in the last decade.