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Not Webcomics

Not a webcomic, but pretty cool

X-Hype! An Interview with Chris Claremont

Overat Newsarama, there's a pretty good interview with Chris Claremont, legendary X-Men writer. The bulk of both X-Men movie plots appear to have been lifted from his run on the X-books. Surprisingly, he's gotten no credits for the on-screen versions.

Documentary on Small Press Creators to be Screened at Pittsburgh Comicon

Digital Webbbing has the story on the premiere and release of the DVD "Mainstream Raw" a documentary on small press creators.

X Squared: Opening Very Very Soon....

Comic Book Resources has an interview with Bryan Singer, director of the soon-to-be-released X-men sequel.

Cowboy BeBop Special Edition DVD Coming in June


Critically-Acclaimed Futuristic Noir Thriller
Premiering June 24 on Special Edition DVD

Touted as one of the greatest Japanese anime imports ever, COWBOY BEBOP: THE MOVIE, based on the enormously popular animated television show from acclaimed director Shinichiro Watanabe (Macross Plus, The Animatrix) and currently airing on Cartoon Network, will be premiering June 24 on Special Edition DVD from Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment following its successful national theatrical release.

Who Wants to Come Up With A New Superhero Concept to Save Stan Lee's Ass?

This new show, Who Wants to be a Superhero? could be campy, escapist fun, or it could be incredibly lame. Given Stan Lee's recent deft touch I'm expecting the llamas to be in full effect.

Ny Times Article on R. Crumb

A short interview of Robert Crumb along with some sketches of his wife Aline. Interesting.

Stripperella: Stan Lee's Ultimate Wet Dream

Apparently Stan Lee's last splurt of creativity is "STRIPPERELLA: THE WILDEST MOST EXOTIC SUPERHEROINE OF ALL CREATED BY STAN LEE" and I'm quoting there folks.

This is going to be an animated series on TNN. See right there, problem. A show like Stripperella has got to be on HBO or Showtime doesn't it?

It's also a one-shot comic book to be published by Humanoids Publishing in June. Read on for more details and preview pages.

Wallace & Gromit Movie and Game Coming in 2005

Here's an advance review of the Wallace and Grommit game which will be released to tie in with the 2005 movie. The game's premise is that an evil penguin, Feathers McGraw, has taken over the zoo that's imprisoned him and enslaved its inhabitants as part of his jewel-smuggling operation. Wallace and Gromit (mostly Gromit, who the player controls throughout the game) have to free 24 levels worth of imprisoned baby animals in order to free the zoo from the penguin's domination.

Trailer for the Matrix Sequels Coming Soon

Attaced as a trailer to the movie "Dreamcatcher" (opens March 21) will be a nine-minute computer-animated film that revisits the dark yet flashy science-fiction universe of "The Matrix."

The short is intended as a prelude to "The Matrix Reloaded. For weeks, the short, called "Final Flight of the Osiris," has been heavily promoted on television and in computer magazines. "Final Flight" will offer what may be the most sophisticated expression of photorealistic, fully computer-generated imagery to date on the big screen.

Read the rest of the NY Times article here.

Free Will(y) Eisner Lecture at Library of Congress

The Library of Congress (Washington DC) hosts Will Eisner for an April 1 discussion of the graphic novel.

"In the lecture, Eisner will discuss his own approach to writing and illustrating graphic novels and explore his views on the evolution of popular visual media. Images from early wordless books and a variety of recent graphic novels will be shown, along with a selection of Eisner's own drawings."

The event, to be held at the James Madison Building's Mumford Room, will be free and open to the public. More information at the Library of Congress site.