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Not Webcomics

Not a webcomic, but pretty cool

Cowboy bebop in theatres April 4

Cowboy Bebop hits theatres April 4. It appears to feature a new story! Get in line now!

Thanks to Steveo (not that Steveo) for the link.

Documentary About Indy Cartoonists

Since 2001, Rich Henn (creator of Timespell) has been working on a documentary about creative forces in independent and self-publishing. Henn wanted to capture the overall theme of what goes on behind the scenes of the comic book industry. In over 45 hours of footage, some of the finest interviews and one-of-a-kind moments have been captured on film.

Jon Arbuckle and female lead (Liz?) cast for live-action GARFIELD film

This is probably of much interest to the many webcartoonists (including yours truly) obsessed with GARFIELD as kids. I'm glad the fat orange tabby cat's finally getting a movie, but the casting makes me feel strange.

Bye, Bye Buffy

CNN reports what most Buffy fans have assumed for months. After seven seasons on the TV show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar is handing in her stake. It is not certain if the franchise will go on in a Buffy "spin-off" or simply end in one final apocalyptic battle. The last show of the series airs in May.

The Animatrix: the Matrix in Anime

Not webcomics, but possibly of interest to you. For those who don't know, the guys behind the Matrix movie franchise have commissioned a series of anime films about the Matrix world. The first one (click here to view free on the web) gives some history of the relationship of man and machine.