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Not Webcomics

Not a webcomic, but pretty cool

The Adventures of Seinfeld & Superman

These may be the coolest commercials ever. (Does it really count as a commercial when American Express only shows up briefly over 4 minutes?) Jerry Seinfeld and Barry Sonnenfeld are making webshorts about Jerry Seinfeld and Superman. They are a lot like a few commercials Seinfeld did a few years ago (Patrick Warburton does the voice of Superman again). The first one is up at the website along with some extras (don't miss the sing-a-long to "Oh Yes! Wyoming!").

Internet Animation Stars Strike It Sort of Big!

Over at Animation World there is a good article on how three independent animation sites have led a modest amount of success for their creators. The websites profiled include: HomeStarRunner, Odd Todd and Weebls-Stuff.

Kochalka Fever Strikes Vermont

The Doctor of Comics is IN! James Kochalka is playing a rock show this Thursday, March 18 at the Metronome with Swale and The Cush in Burlington, VT.

The Hyperliterature Exchange

New this month on The Hyperliterature Exchange is "Reading Between the Lines" featuring discussion of online comics by Sam Redlark.

The Hyperliterature Exchange is an online directory of hyperliterature for sale on the Internet. Hyperliterature is defined as "electronic literature, cyberliterature, hypertext, new media literature, non-linear literature, digital poetry, Flash poetry, etc. As a working definition, hyperliterature is literature which makes use of the computerized/digital medium in such a way that it cannot be reproduced in print - for example it employs animations, sound-effects, nonlinear structure, interactivity, or a combination of these."

Photoshopping the Far Side

From Boing Boing comes this link to a site that is posting folks efforts at photoshopping real life versions of Far Side cartoons. A strange, but inventive concept. (A warning: the page takes a bit to load at first)


cat garza's (aka "m.c. sancho swift") new band UNITED ALTERED STATES has just released its debut album. Download seven of the tracks and find out how to buy a copy at the band's website.

Crumb off the Old Block

Ny Times (free registration required) has an article on the first published American comics by Sophie Crumb, who is currently hanging out in San Francisco.

SpiderMan Cartoon Series on DVD

David Lambert reports that the coolest version of Spiderman--the 60's animated series--will be available on DVD.

Available on DVD for the first time ever, Spidey's classic 1967 animated adventures are brought together in the amazing SPIDER-MAN: THE '67 CLASSIC COLLECTION DVD box set. This nostalgic six-DVD set brings together all 52 fully restored classic Spider-Man episodes from the original 1967 TV series. It's non-stop action and excitement as Spidey takes on his biggest foes, including Dr. Octopus, The Green Goblin, Mysterio, The Rhino, The Kingpin, Dr. Magneto, and many more! This unique set is a must-own collectible for every Spider-Man fan, only on DVD June 29.

Link from Monitor Duty.

New UK Magazine for Independent Comics

It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

Over the last few years, the UK indie comic scene has seen an explosion in quality and quantity. Perhaps compensating for the relatively small numbers of outlets for creators in Britain today, artists and writers have been turning more and more to self publishing with many astounding results, whether through traditional print media or the Internet.

Make Your Own Ancient Tapestry-like Comics

This is just cool. It's a Flash-based kit where you can make your own medieval comic strip. Images are scalable, type can be colored. You can send your images as ecards to the medievalists of your acquaintance. Click to visit the site.