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Straight Outta Warrenton: Clay and Hampton Yount

Clay and Hampton Yount are the co-creators of the weekly-updated comedy comic Rob and Elliot.  Clay is also the creator of the now on hiatus Cosmobear as well as the creator of "Bikini Frisbee Suicide Days", the former Saturday-only series at Sluggy Freelance.

Rob and Elliot is one of those "wacky roommates doing crazy random things" comics that is a lot stronger than its thin premise would initially suggest.  As a comedy comic it scores on the most crucial criteria -- it's funny.  And it does so through both the writing and the artwork. 

Read on for my interview with the brothers Yount.

Gigcast 141, oh so many Links…

Scott, Kev, and Myself.. Talk about Stuff. Shallow Thoughts from Christian Ellis and “Bitter” From Woodster!

Links to Stuff Mentioned:
O’Deer, PVP, Scott Kurtz Flicker, Comic Book Challenge , Platinum Studios , I was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space, Zuda, Hanibal Goes to Rome, Drunk Duck, Side B a musical Anthology, Kit White, The [...]

Webcomic Wire - 5/5/08

Drawn from sources inspired by the Maker’s Faire…

A womping 10 years of PVP! Congratulations Scott!
Tim Broderick replies to Chris Wright’s guest column on Fleen.
Webcomics collective Transplant Comics seems to be recovering well from surgery.
Red String celebrates 5 years. Congratulations Gina!
5 years of Station 3V. Congratulations Tom!
The Webcomic Overlook has a one punch review of Wayfarer’s [...]

10 Years of PvP

Scott Kurtz hits 10 years of PvP on the web.

What -- it only took 10 years for Brent and Jade to tie the knot?


What's Up with Tyler Martin

I just spotted a "what's going on" post at Tyler Martin's LJ that should be of interest to anyone who reads his comics or uses his Comicpress theme for Wordpress:

Been really busy this year. Worked on several projects. Some include the Webcomic related sites Comixtalk, PVP, Looking For Group, Least I Could Do and CAD the Series. Still working on a few more as well as the new version of ComicPress... 2.5, due out within the next week or so and it is going to rock for those trying to customize the layout.

My own comic, Wally & Osborne, has taken a back seat unfortunately. But I'm working to start it back up again soon with a new look and a new site. Even so the comic has been renewed to run another year at Funbrain, alongside Silent Kimbly and NY Times Bestseller Diary of A Wimpy Kid. The new comics will be appearing there soon as well.

Videostreaming the Creative Process

Over at Wired Lore blogged about the growing number of artists using Ustream to videocast their actual work on their comics.  The post has links to how to follow several folks' videos including Scott Kurtz of PvP.

Decoding Mr. Roboto: An Interview with Chris Harding

Chris Harding was kind enough to do the February cover art for ComixTalk and it gave me a great excuse to hit him up for an interview.  Harding is the creator of the new webcomic We The Robots which offers a cynical, bemused take on work and family.

10 Years of PvP

All 4 parts of Zack Smith's interview with PvP Creator Scott Kurtz are now up (click here for Part One, here for Part Two, here for Part Three and here for Part Four).  Smith's interview is good and covers a lot of ground. 

Kurtz has been through most of the big trends of webcomics in his career; trying out various online strategies, getting into print and experimenting with animation.

PvP 10 Year Anniversary

WCCA 2008 Nominees Are Out

The nominees for this year's WCCAs were released this past Sunday (sadly without any fanfare, or press release... again). But lots of interesting choices (and good links to comics!):

Achewood by Chris Onstaad
Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio
Gunnerkrigg Court by Tom Siddell
Perry Bible Fellowship by Nicholas Gurewitch
The Phoenix Requiem by Sarah Ellerton