3 New Series Debut on ModernTales.com

Three new series have debuted on ModernTales.com over the past few days:

Picture Story Theatre
by Alexander Danner and Bill Duncan

Something … Whatever by Dan Hernandez

Genre City by Benjamin Birdie

These are only first pages (because of the way we serialize things on MT). So don’t let yourself get confused. Bookmark, and return, to read the latest pages as they’re posted, for free. Or subscribe, and return at your leisure to read through hundreds of archival pages.

Look for more surprises — at least one huge surprise — as we roll out our new season over the next several weeks.


Joey Manley

Joey Manley (b.1965–d.2013) was the author of the novel The Death of Donna-May Dean (1992), entrepreneur, and founder of Modern Tales and WebcomicsNation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joey_Manley