5 Questions: How Do You Read Webcomics?

This may seem like the world's most basic question, but I'm not sure it is. I think there's a conventional wisdom that the vast majority of webcomics are read in a browser or RSS viewer. My habits – I use a web browser; I'm vaguely embarrassed to say that I've never really gotten the hang of RSS readers even though I imagine they're pretty simple – fall into that conventional wisdom, but I suspect there's some hidden diversity that both readers and webcomic creators can help us reveal.

So, I pose this question to readers: How do you read webcomics – web browser, RSS reader, email subscription, iPhone/iPad app, or something else? If you use more than one, which is your primary method? Which do you enjoy the most?

Webcomic creators, I ask you the same question about your habits. Additionally: how does your readership beak down on this question? Do you see a lot of readers using a particular method? Do people make much use of email subscriptions anymore?   

Maybe we're going to discover that the conventional wisdom is wise indeed in this case. But I'll be curious to see if we can get a handle on how people interact with webcomics. If there are enough answers, I'll do a wrap post at the end of the week.

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