Adventures Into Digital Comics

Top Two Three Films is currently in post-production of a documentary film called Adventures Into Digital Comics.

“Adventures Into Digital Comics is a documentary film written and directed by Sébastien Dumesnil. The film analyzes what some consider as the collapse of the US print comic book industry in the mid-90s, and the subsequent potential rebirth of the comic book as a completely digital art form on the Internet. Are the webcomics a reality, and a new comic market in its infancy? Was the boom in the early 90s a reality? Should we reinvent the business? Do we really need to reinvent comics on the web? What do they look like?”

What’s also neat about the website is that they’ve posted interviews with over 50 comic book artists.




  1. This’ll be mighty impressive once they get more than a handful of webcartoonists.

  2. *Sigh* Unfortunately, it’s hopelessly out of date. The comic book industry has had a profitable last few years and I don’t think anyone who’s looking at the movie and bookstore businesses is really seeing webcomics as The Future of Comics any more.

    Nice try, but this business changes too fast for this long a production time…

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