All My Friends Know The Low Rider

Check out this week’s sponsor – Natasha Mostert’s new novel, Keeper of Light and Dust.  Also check out this picture of the Least I Could Do van — there’s even a condom on the radio antenae!  (okay I made that last part up)

Scott McCloud writes about a new presentation tool (sort of power point-y) that Neal Von Flue and others are testing as a possible comics CMS.  Interesting ideas.

Fleen noted yesterday that Ben Heaton is having a fundraising drive to see if his fans will match his salary so he can do the webcomic, Request Comics, full-time.  He’s currently unemployed though so matching his salary should be pretty easy.  You can check on his donation page to see how he’s doing.

Todd Allen writes about webcomics in a "post-Direct Market world"

Old but educational! John Allison’s tutorial for MangaStudio.

Justify My ZUDA Hype
Is that Ryan Estrada’s work at this month’s Zudathon?  Why yes it is. (Also is Zuda using Drupal for its site?)

Urf is a funny panel comic about a planet sort of like Earth but really off in certain ways.  Best new single panel comic (mostly) I’ve read in a while.

I’m checking out a comic called Intelligence Cleaner Agency.

ComicMix discovers the simple awesomeness of Meghan Murphy’s Kawaii Not.


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