All The News I Should Have Posted This Morning

Thanks to our cover artist for February – Leroy Brown, creator of Ice Cubes. Also thanks to this week's sponsor, the webcomic title CharliehorseThe sponsor slot is still open for next week – going cheap! 🙂

Two new interviews up this week – one with the creators of Erfworld and one with Bryant Paul Johnson of Teaching Baby Paranoia.

Nate Piekos has a post up on typographic conventions in comic lettering.  Very informative! (h/t Boing Boing).

Comix 411 has an interview with Norm Feuti creator of Retail, which is syndicated by King Features and a webcomic, Gill, which debuted toward the end of last year.

Como Se Webcomic?
Olaf Moriarty Solstrand has an interesting article considering the costs and benefits for creators in non-english speaking countries to use english in their comics.

Motion Comics
Todd Allen has an article on the history of "motion comics" (yeah they've been around longer than that recent Watchman effort).

Dark Horse is debuting a webcomic in the Star Wars universe containing a prequel storyline to an upcoming videogame, Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Just finished Jessica Abel's Life Sucks graphic novel (published last year by First Second) – I cannot rave about it enough.  A great, novel twist on vampires (Dracula meets Clerks) with great pacing and really sharp art.  I was a little disappointed with the ending but not that much.


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